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China's military enterprises in the wind power industry in the Development and Analysis

    First, China's wind power industry development trend.

    Energy mix, climate change and solve energy security is one important measure, "Renewable Energy Law", "long-term renewable energy development planning," "to promote the implementation of wind power industry views" and a series of important policy The introduction of the wind power industry,glue stick the strong support given to the development of wind power equipment manufacturing capacity has increased significantly, the domestic wind power industry has gradually got onto the fast lane.

    Statistics show that China's total installed capacity of wind power for 6 years to double growth in wind power market to maintain rapid growth. Wind power generation in 2009 amounted to 25.5 billion kwh, equivalent to 900 million tons of standard coal alternative, recently, "the State Council on accelerating the development of new industries and development of a strategic decision" in the energy industry for the new proposed "wind power technology and equipment to improve level, orderly large-scale wind power development. " The state has adopted a series of supporting wind power industry development policies and measures, glue gun clear industrial policy, for the wind power industry's rapid development has created favorable conditions for the military enterprises of the wind power equipment manufacturing provides a good opportunity.

    Second, the military enterprises of wind power equipment manufacturing overall situation.

    National attention to the defense industry of wind power equipment industry, encourage enterprises to actively push forward military wind power equipment manufacturing industry, military technology and equipment for the play to manufacturing advantages, enhance the level of wind power generation equipment industry, the former National Defense in 2007 to develop the "Defense Industry Development Guide Wind Power Equipment Industry" (2007 a 2020), the proposed development priorities and objectives, to promote the military enterprises of the wind power equipment manufacturing in the rapid development of the direction.

    Military industrial enterprises to enter the field of wind power rather late, but after years of independent development, has been in the national wind power industry took place. Defense industry in the overall design, system integration, research facilities, research and development of machine has a strong advantage, with a large number of high-tech talent to play through the ship, aviation, aerospace, weapons and other industries technical advantages, the successful implementation of a number of wind power projects, wind power equipment to speed up the localization process, the development of a number of characteristics with independent intellectual property rights of wind power products, has been initially formed with blades, generators, gear boxes, hydraulic parts, towers, machine and other products as one of the military chain of wind power equipment industry.

    In the field of wind power machine, through the introduction of a joint design of a self-developed procedure, military enterprises the level of wind power machine independent design and R & D capability would be enhanced and developed a number of megawatt-class wind power machine products, and promote China's integration machine equipment and technological progress. At present, Air China, Baoding German Wind Power Engineering Co., Ltd. Hui, Baoding Tianwei Group t n, the company, CSIC (Chongqing) Sea Windpower Equipment Co., Ltd. all have strong strength in the domestic market share of wind power machine a share, their equipment has a competitive product. Baoding benefits such as Germany and the development of 2 MW wind turbine, a unique compact design, high efficiency, light weight and other characteristics of similar products in the country the largest diameter wheel stroke; Baoding Tianwei GH jointly developed with the British design with proprietary pitch MW VSCF wind turbine and the grid has been achieved; Chongqing, Shanghai has started 5 MW installed offshore wind turbine development work, to land-based wind turbine system design, control, technology and other technology and marine engineering technology, computing and performance in the simulation of load, safety and control systems and other core technologies, unit stability, structural reliability, to tackle problems and create the development of offshore wind turbines, offshore wind farm construction technology innovation platform.

    Components in the core areas of military technology through the play, personnel, equipment and other advantages, the formation of a leaf, generators, gear boxes, control systems, hydraulic parts, tower defense with independent intellectual property rights of wind power products, and the supporting rate increased gradually , significantly enhanced market competitiveness, and the formation of a certain reputation in the domestic enterprises, such as the Air Teng-hui wind power equipment Co., Ltd., relying on advanced manufacturing, aviation technology, in close connection with market demand, has developed a 600 kW 3.0 MW series wind turbine blades, and most of industrialization, the leaves of the domestic market share of 30% or more, the company has developed wind turbine blades for the domestic industry leader, is currently awaiting market approval, the successful listing will be the first company to manufacture blades based industry listed companies.

Chongqing Gearbox Co., Ltd. set to introduce technology and scientific research as one of their own, the use of computer-aided design of continuous development and innovation, the use of large-scale cabinet design and processing, high precision machining of large shafts, gear box assembly test technology and other ships Development of technological development after the transmission of the MW series wind speed increasing gear box, product performance, a reliable and established, including Dongfeng, Shanghai Electric, etc., to a relatively stable customer base. Western Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Cheng Mei Yang works by ship and repair, construction and manufacture of large steel structure and other technical advantages, and actively carry out offshore wind turbine tower design and manufacture, to form a manufacturing capacity of 500 sets of towers in China tower manufacturers in the forefront. Companies to undertake offshore, GE 2.5 MW wind turbine tower product length of 100 meters, 4.3 meters in diameter and weighs 232 tons, corrosion-level C4C5, is a power, products with high technical difficulty.

    Third, wind power equipment industry to accelerate the development of military countermeasures wind.

    The state has adopted a series of supporting wind power industry development policies and measures for the rapid development of wind power industry has created favorable conditions for the military development of wind power equipment industry provides a good opportunity. Therefore, to play defense industry technology, talent and other advantages, active, safe and orderly manner and industrialization development of wind power development work for the construction of advanced defense technology industry and the promotion of national high-tech industry development and make due contributions.

    (A) to pay attention to military technology and personnel resources.

    The defense industry as a national strategic industry, is an important foundation for the modernization of national defense, it also has advanced an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry and the national science and technology innovation system is an important force. To focus on military technology, personnel, facilities, strengthening the role of technology research, the use of the automatic control, high power, large equipment manufacturing and other aspects of wood technology advantage, breaking the control system and a number of constraints the development of wind power industry, technical bottlenecks, improve capability of independent innovation, design and manufacture of wind power equipment to solve the key technical and technological issues, effectively promoting the military wind power equipment industry's self-development, optimizing the economic structure to promote military and industrial upgrading and enhance the economic strength and military capacity for sustainable development.

    (B) market-oriented, and actively promote wind power equipment, upgrade the industrial structure.

    China's land resources are very rich in wind energy can be developed, the potential of offshore wind energy resource is enormous, compared to hydropower, nuclear power, wind power development and construction of a small legacy of the advantages of short cycle, has become the state encourages the development of new industries. Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, seven million kilowatts of wind power base of the building, will be the construction of large-scale wind power development, an important symbol. Therefore, to use of the country's wind power industry to develop opportunities for its own conditions of land-based wind farms and wind power equipment market needs, promote the upgrading of military equipment, wind power, expanding market share, optimize the industrial structure, promote industrial air defense technology the rapid development of power equipment industry. Meanwhile, the play shipbuilding, repair and other aspects of technology, strengthening of offshore wind power technology, the formation of more than 3 MW and wind power machine and the key components of the development and production capacity, production manufacturing, and equipment to promote the industrialization process, to achieve national offshore wind power facilities, and actively explore foreign markets.

    (C) combination, promote the coordinated development of wind power equipment industry.

    Military base to take advantage of existing capacity, strengthen the relevant common technical development, some of the military technology to the field of wind power to address the cost and enhance product competitiveness. Large-scale wind power equipment industry, internationalization is the development of the direction of the wind power industry, military industry to promote the advantages of wind power companies across Group combination, complement each other; cultivate the leading machine manufacturers, so that market share has improved significantly ; to create an internationally competitive manufacturing core components of wind power, and actively explore overseas markets: to encourage military enterprises and other enterprises to develop wind power on wind power technology exchange, learn from each other, mutual promotion and common development; support for a number of key parts manufacturers bigger and stronger, to carry out industrial demonstration, to form a machine driven accessories. Wind power machine with the core components and related products coordinated development pattern. Wind power materials and equipment.

   (D) strengthen the macro guidance, to increase military support for wind power.

    Give full play to the advantages of military industry, integrate resources and create a rational structure, the complementary pattern of military development of wind power industry, wind power industry in order to promote large-scale development. In related research programs, appropriate funds tilt, focus on supporting more than 2.5 MW and wind power machine and bearings, control system and other key components of the engineering development, to promote the machine direction to the power, efficiency, optimization structure, enhance the military market competitiveness of wind power. At the same time, relying on trade associations and other relevant agencies to carry out national defense technology industry benefits the development of wind power industry, research, research related issues, the relevant departments to provide the appropriate basis for decision making.

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