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"Twelve Five" special high-pressure building - half a trillion Imagination

    Downstream electrical equipment industry, involving power generation, transmission and distribution and electricity, including electricity, power, metallurgical and coal industries, and industrial production and living are closely related. Because of its special status, the state of the downstream power, power and other industries highly regulated,glue stick and introduced a series of policy and regulatory constraints of business behavior.

    Top-down perspective, "second Five-Year" plan is the guiding policy of most national level, at least five years will affect the future development and change, through interpretation "'Twelve Five' planning proposals" and the "new industrial planning" can establish the electrical equipment industry in the coming five years will focus on the development of smart grid (including UHV), industrial energy-saving products and distribution power grids.

    Bottom-up perspective, proven technology will first be promoted (such as flexible power transmission, frequency conversion technology, intelligent power systems); comprehensive analysis of market space and open up the progress of high voltage DC transmission, flexible power transmission, high performance pressure and low-voltage inverter,glue gun smart and intelligent power substation systems, transformation of agricultural distribution network will be the "second five" development priorities.

    From "Twelve Five" plan starting next five years, investment in electrical equipment industry will show a "polarization" trends: Special high-pressure transformation of backbone and distribution network will be the theme of grid investment, "intelligent" pull the proportion of secondary equipment upgrade At the same time the drive industry will be further spread. Specifically, the ultra high voltage, the DC line with the progress of construction of basic exchange and acceptance by the model line has been delayed impact of the delay, the current trend of showing speed. "Twelve Five" special high-voltage DC will build nine lines, the estimated total investment of 217 billion yuan; UHV complete "three vertical and three horizontal one ring" of the building, the optimistic estimate investment of 298.9 billion yuan, if the item be deferred to consider of predictions about 209.2 billion yuan. UHV DC converter is expected to invest 101.4 billion yuan stations, including transformer, converter valve and Protection System, 65%; UHV substation investment 122.5 billion yuan, mainly transformers, reactors and switches GIS, accounting, respectively, 18%, 16% and 24%.

    Development of smart grid and UHV are endogenous demand.

    China faces long-term electricity supply long range, high load, high-capacity situation, which is different from most countries in the world development problems, demand endogeneity of China's power grid to be decided in the intensity, breadth and stability to surpass all other countries and regions.

    Differences in energy and electricity load distribution to make a choice for UHV.

    China's energy distribution mainly in the north and west, thermal power, for example, has proven coal reserves of nearly 80% are concentrated in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other regions, while the economically developed eastern coastal electricity demand, in the past by rail transportation means of conveyance is neither economic nor environmental protection of coal, the future direct transmission through the network can solve the problem.

    According to the new energy development plan, expected in 2020 China's new energy share of total primary energy consumption should reach 15%. Wind, water resource distribution also the issue away from the load center.

    In China, the exchange is 1000kV UHV and DC ± 800kV and above voltage level above, according to State Grid Corporation of data provided, a circuit for high voltage direct current electricity to send 600 million kilowatts, equivalent to the existing 500kV DC power of 5 6 times transmission distance is 2 to 3 times the latter, efficiency is greatly improved; the same time conveying the same power of electricity, if use of UHV line 500kV EHV transmission lines can be used to save more than 60% of the land. Because of these advantages, high voltage power grid construction in China just as the inevitable future direction.

    Grid scale and regional networking with new requirements of security and stability.

    China's power installed capacity has exceeded 900 million kilowatts, this figure will increase by 2015 to 13.5 million kilowatts in 2020 reached 17.9 million kilowatts.

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