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Data Center Energy: Using AC or DC?


    [REVIEW] With the economic factors to enterprises exert pressure to reduce costs and public and government regulators require more environmentally friendly practices, these factors are increasingly motivated to find data center operators run a more effective method of its facilities.

   glue stick With the economic factors to enterprises to reduce costs imposed pressure and public and government regulators require more environmentally friendly practices, these factors are increasingly motivated to find data center operators run a more effective method of its facilities. Therefore, some argue that the data center operators, data centers, the AC power from the traditional approach to a DC model can generate significant benefits, to reduce heat (and thus reduce the cooling demand) and the corresponding reduction in power use. Most challenge the status quo with new concepts, like (these concepts have not been tested or just basically limited application), the use of high-voltage direct current power supply for the data center idea has been the refusal of some people. glue gun Some supporters argue that AC advocated conversion to high voltage DC said those who actually use the benefits of more efficient AC technology can achieve.

    AC Power supply to consumers is usually a way. This approach reduces the loss of distance and allows the use of more detailed (and therefore more expensive) wire. However, the data center a number of devices must use DC, so the data center has many converters (convert from AC to DC and from DC into alternating current and voltage conversion from one voltage to another device.) The conversion equipment means inefficient, inefficient means of heat. Through the data center instead of the standard high-voltage direct current AC, and AC to DC conversion efficiency of the many low can be eliminated. Moreover, this approach can be seen as natural, because the device relies on a DC running.

    DC supporters say has reduced heat emissions and the elimination of the voltage conversion in the server module to save space, equipment density can be increased, thus saving space and a significant reduction in equipment failure rate. In addition, the cooling demand can also be reduced, thereby reducing the use of water cooling. According to electrical manufacturing and maintaining the website ( online article, "AC - DC data centers to debate heating up," said the switch to save up to 30% of DC power.

    Of course, like almost any idea has enthusiastic supporters, the same ardent detractors have pointed to potential problems. For example, high-voltage direct current from the AC switch to one of the key problems is the lack of dealing with DC's IT equipment. In addition, the lack of IEEE and other organizations and government agencies, standards and regulations. And the ratio of AC DC requires thick cables, such cables may be easier to discharge, thus threatening the equipment and personnel.

    In addition, some supporters of alternating current, said DC-based energy system, some studies do not actually say that as great. Environment to improve efficiency in AC technology is actually more than the conversion from alternating current to direct current benefits.

    DC and AC regardless of how the potential energy, lack of IT equipment, infrastructure (that is, a large number of equipment dealing with DC) is widely used in the data center a huge obstacle to high voltage DC. Therefore, considering such a conversion requires an initial investment, companies may be reluctant to take advantage of this opportunity. This change will provide sufficient returns to recover the initial investment. Not a large data center core to create a model for the industry, DC may not be widely enough momentum.

    Therefore, regardless of whether the high-voltage direct current to generate enough energy savings, the lack of handling equipment, DC, from when the AC power system to the DC system requires initial investment, the greater the risk of wiring and may cause fear and lack of standards and regulations DC may prevent future data center applications. However, if a sufficiently large number of data centers and the successful application of high voltage DC to demonstrate significant energy savings is worth the investment, the DC data center applications in the future the ratio will be increasing.

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