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Winter Droughts three home fire precautions

    Cold and dry winter weather, is the year's most fire-prone season, home fire safety issues have been a lot of people's attention. Here I will introduce the family of three fire precautions, want to make your home more safe.

    First, the home fire safety of electrical equipment:

    (A) lighting fire:

    1glue stick , the incandescent fuel from the distance between the line of not less than 0.5 m map the world, from not less than 2 meters above the ground, such as to be less than this height, you should take the necessary protective measures, such as light bulb Set metal mesh and other protection.

    2, the non-paper, cloth or other combustible block lamps, bulbs should not be stacked directly below the fuel.

    3, the ballast should pay attention to the installation of ventilation can not be directly fixed ballast combustible or flammable ceiling and walls, the non-combustible materials, heat insulation to be isolated.

    4,glue gun the ballast and lamp must match the voltage and capacity, supporting the use of.

    (B) of the electric equipment fire:

    Common in the life electric heating equipment, electric irons, electric heaters, rice cookers and so on. General Electric equipment because the fire may be several ways to prevent electric equipment from fire.

    1, when the alumni using electric appliances, power as possible when there are people watching, to avoid electric power apparatus under normal circumstances or prolonged power high temperature, near the fuel burning grill, or for electric appliances heating temperature is too high, with its own combustion.

    2, electric appliances in off the power after a certain period of time is still higher temperature, do not immediately be transferred to a position of fuel, let it cool before placing in a position of fuel to prevent ignition of surrounding flammable material.

    3, electric appliances are mostly higher power, heat, so to select the section of the right size, good insulation of the wire, use electrical power rather flapper.

    4, after the electric power equipment, such as temporary power failure should be cut off the power to prevent a sudden fire unattended calls.

    5, remember not to buy their own poor quality of electric appliances, to prevent the use of fire when an electrical fault.

    (C) Household Fire:

    1, part of the appliance should be configured using the network of super-regulator women, to ensure the normal electrical power, electrical line maintenance, etc., there have been frequent power-off situation, it is best suspended to prevent the electric motor starts the internal power supply surge, the temperature rose sharply, leading to motor and other components overheating fire.

    2, appliances should be kept dry, placed in well-ventilated location, to prevent moisture into the lines, resulting in leakage sparking a fire.

    3, household appliances should always be used, ensure that the electrical appliance is not exposed to moisture, such as the long time use, wipe clean-up response to an electrical appliance to prevent moisture damage to internal components, electrical, power and other failures resulting from leakage caused by fire.

    4, in strict accordance with instructions or operating procedures for household appliances, household electrical appliances to prevent failure due to improper use of fire.

    5 Do not yield to the temptation to buy cheaper appliances should be purchased by the 3C form of certification or certification of household electrical appliances industry products, electrical products to ensure quality and prevent poor quality electrical products for some of the insulation less effective heat insulation and so on fire.

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