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Residential customers in 2020 to lead the Spanish solar thermal market

   According to the Spanish Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE) and consultants ECLAREON, 2020, the Spanish construction technology rules may lead 3.4 million square meters of solar thermal systems increases,glue gun the main guide by the housing market. The study, in accordance with the rules of the 2011-2020 construction of solar thermal technology and solar photovoltaic power generation to do the assessment, and construction techniques to measure that rules Spain's two main requirements for solar thermal and solar photovoltaic markets.

 Spain rules in the construction of the first main rule is included in the new building the lowest (30% -70%) solar contribution; the second is the smallest contribution to the electrical requirements of solar photovoltaic The report predicts that from 2011 to 2012, solar heat can increase the 3.4 million square meters industry, mainly in single-family and multi-family residential customers.

 Most populous province Madridglue stick , Barcelona and Valencia will be the largest solar thermal market. The building codes also expected to guide the installation of 53 megawatts of solar-volt, mainly installed in hotels, office buildings and hospitals.

 Sufficient to maintain the solar energy industry

 Although part of the demand driven by this rule, but not enough to maintain a country's solar energy industry. Exemptions and violations of building technologies will reduce the 25% rule solar thermal market potential. In addition, the potential of solar thermal power generation facilities due to lack of maintenance and the gap between production and consumption are threatened. The report predicts that by 2020, the Spanish solar thermal energy generated by 70% will be consumed.

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