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Radio Electric: AEG power distribution and control obtained a large single

    Hefei, Gateway Shopping Plaza by the focus on high-end commercial real estate investment in Hong Kong Hang Lung Group, to the Chief District in Hefei Shushan and the core business district, is "the new business district southwest of the provincial capital," the heart, glue stick with a total construction area of ??245,000 square meters, one business area of ??up to 17 million square meters. Set of large-scale shopping centers, Grade A office towers,glue gun luxury homes in one city center to become the provincial capital city of south-west a beautiful landscape.

     "Grand Gateway" focused around groups of high life in Hefei, Anhui is Hefei and even a small number of large investment and large-scale, full-feature set, high-end urban complex. Itemsets shopping malls, office towers super grade, high-end residential in one urban center, is the flagship of Hefei city complex project is a landmark in Hefei city, and business cards.

     AEG from Germany with its high quality and craftsmanship, combined with local support and services to win customer acceptance Grand Gateway, will provide a full range of low voltage power distribution and control products and solutions.

     AEG power distribution and control business in Germany to return to China in two years, 125 years to fully integrate the German high-end technology and the advantages of China's domestic service, and constantly improve the localization of products, the best price, the basis for China construction and high-end customers with better choices. AEG products are currently successful in the domestic power plants, steel mills, the state power grid, oil refining and other industries has been applied.

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