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Financial News: Shanghai Electric Strong Buy Rating

    Financial News

According to "China Securities News" quoted, nuclear safety inspection verification report has been completed and submitted to the State Council, it is expected that new nuclear power project, expected to be re-approved in early 2012. Japanese tsunami triggered by a nuclear plant leaks radiation event, so that the mainland has been suspended in the earlier work related to project approval.

News that the Government may reduce the capacity of nuclear power by 2020 target, down from 86 Ji Wawa is not less than 60 GW, which would mean the end of 2010 has been in operation in the construction of 11 GW and 29 GW of capacity basis , and add at least an additional 20 GW. The upcoming release of "nuclear safety planning" will be strictly regulated the use of third-generation nuclear power technology, including from the U.S. glue stick introduction of the Westinghouse AP1000 and the introduction from the French Areva EPR technology projects to meet international safety standards.

Thus, while nuclear power capacity reduction goals, but we believe that nuclear power project approval, and earlier recovery of third-generation nuclear power technology has entered the market of Shanghai Electric (2.95,0.05,1.72%, real-time quotes) will most benefit. The company is also actively involved in Sanmen and Haiyang AP1000 Taishan EPR project and project equipment.glue gun According to company data, there are about 40% of Shanghai Electric in hand orders for the AP1000 nuclear power equipment.

Shanghai Electric also recently signed with State Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation the main pump of nuclear power project agreement, provide to the State Nuclear Power Engineering CAP1400 four nuclear power plants for the stator main pump equipment wet, is China's first and most advanced nuclear power CAP1400 main pump.

CAP1400 AP1000 pressurized water reactor is based on research and development of China's third-generation nuclear power technology, is also a special one of the country the State Department. View of the state intends to reduce dependence on foreign technology, we believe that as China gradually nuclear technology transfer to domestic enterprises, and the State Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation signed an agreement to make available first-mover advantage Shanghai Electric. We reiterate our Strong Buy rating on the stock, and maintain in accordance with the valuation method to calculate the part of the accumulated 12-month target of HK $ 3.90. Meanwhile, the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, together with Li Ning (7.29, -0.20, -2.67%, real-time quotes) (2331 HK), Shanghai Petrochemical (2.84,0.12,4.41%, real-time quotes) (338 HK) and China Coal Energy (7.51 , 0.44,6.22%, real-time quotes) (1898 HK), Shanghai Electric equity holdings, interest is held by 4.98% to 5.10%, to HK $ 3.011 per share purchase price of 360 million shares. This means that one of the largest shareholder of the Singapore government investment company of the conglomerate's confidence in the future, also support our optimistic view of Shanghai Electric.

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