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Power and energy saving technology of optimal allocation of resources

   Technical description of the project in accordance with national energy policies, combined with the actual situation in Henan Province, through the "differential power plan" mechanism, electricity trading theory, small thermal power out of the market compensation mechanisms, inter-provincial electricity trade and other cross-outgoing-depth study proposed power energy saving and resource optimization technology, which through the "power difference scheme", shutting down small thermal power generating capacity indicators compensation deal, "a large generation of small" power trading, inter-provincial cross outside the transmission transactions, four strokes "combined"glue stick in Henan implemented to improve the high-efficiency, high capacity, environmentally friendly energy generator market share, so that high energy consumption, high pollution of small thermal power units in the corresponding market compensation mechanism, smooth out the history of stage, to promote the restructuring of the power to achieve energy saving and emission reduction and corporate social harmony and win-win economic benefits, not only played a program-control and market mechanisms in resource optimization to the basic role, but also to achieve energy reduction row of the target. The project is an innovative but also widely used in both theoretical research results.

    Research results

    At home and abroad,glue gun first proposed the "difference power generation program," the new concept of energy generation scheduling. According to the national energy conservation, optimize resource allocation policy is proposed to change the distribution of power over the average number of hours of use of traditional power generation scheduling methods, the implementation of the "Annual different power plan" in the number of hours arrangements in electricity use, the implementation of different unit types, energy differences, differences in capacity, environmental differences, regional differences, energy-saving power generation.

    At home and abroad for the first time put forward the theory of power generation trading and trading patterns. Mathematics and economics from the perspective of analysis of the broker model organization bilateral / multilateral trade mechanism, research and the establishment of power trading model for electricity energy saving provides an effective theoretical support.

    In-depth study of market mechanisms in the electricity restructuring and the role of energy saving, first proposed and established a small thermal power out of the market compensation mechanisms, to achieve a harmonious and win-win for the small thermal power units provide a safe exit from the market experience for electrical energy saving goals of the foundation.

    Proposed to carry out cross inter-provincial electricity trade, the optimal allocation of resources to promote a wider range of strategies. Application of "power pool" concept, the establishment of a provincial power companies, organizations in the province of high efficiency, high-capacity, low-pollution unit in a large area of ??competition and the optimal decision-making model trading patterns.

    Successfully developed the first in the power energy saving and optimal allocation of resources for technical support system, the establishment of the implementation of the "difference between power plans," "the great generation of small" trading power, shutting down small thermal power generating capacity indicators compensation transactions, cross- cross-provincial transmission transactions outside the trading platform, the platform structure is reasonable, user-friendly, functional and practical, stable operation. Through the implementation of 2006 and 2007 in Henan, according to statistics, the province has 5.66 million tons of standard coal savings, reduce sulfur dioxide emissions from 54,000 tons; a total increase of high-efficiency, high-capacity, low-pollution unit cost 9.8 billion yuan or so, small thermal power receive financial compensation 4 billion. 2006, 2007, the project's electricity energy saving "combined" to promote the restructuring of the electric power industry in Henan and energy conservation, energy saving electric power industry of the province's contribution rate of 80% or more.

    Application prospects

    Demonstration effect of this project this project innovative practice, the importance of leadership by the State Development and Reform Commission, after a special investigation in Henan Province, summed up as "Henan experience." The "Henan experience" as a reference, the state has issued a series of policies and measures across the country. For example: (1) January 20, 2007, State Council approved the Development and Reform Commission, Energy Office "on shutting down small thermal power units to speed up a number of opinions" (Guo Fa [2007] 2), requires the implementation of energy generation scheduling is not regional differences in power to implement plans. Shutting down small thermal power units to speed up work into the provinces, "Eleventh Five-Year" plan and shutting down small thermal power generating units shut down on schedule within a certain period (up to 3 years) can enjoy the power output indicators, and through the generation of fat transfer to the large unit receive some financial compensation, power generation target and enjoy the period of shut down delay time with decreasing year by year.

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