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Ten years the rapid development of the industry total output value of the instrument three times the fan

   2011 is our "second Five Year Plan" the first year. Instrumentation is a strategic and emerging industries, "five-second" period, the state will pay more attention to application and development of scientific instruments. Laboratory science and technology output, the more the forefront of education, the state of the laboratory into very large. Today many laboratories are university teachers and graduate students study daily work placeglue gun Into the twentieth century, various types of physical laboratories are springing up, extensive research work carried out. Can be said that the laboratory is the cradle of science is scientific research base. Past five years since China instrument industry since the founding of the fastest growing for five years. At present, China has become an international instrument one of the largest industry is also developing instrumentation industry's largest and most complete product variety of countries. China instrument industry was the rapid trend in the market healthy and orderly development of the decade three times the output fan.

     Instrumentation industry momentum, although a large gap with foreign countries, but never stop developing, especially in the past two years,glue stick the emergence of many new industries, but also the instrumentation industry had a great impact. Few products close to or reached the international level, many products with independent intellectual property rights. Based on first half of the data analysis, instrumentation industry, the overall health better than expected, sales value and the industry have achieved double-digit profit growth, the increase in a slow down. Weakness in the international market, the industry year on year increase in imports and exports both fell, but the company's market faster, mergers and acquisitions to achieve certain results.

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