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U.S. Energy R & D strategy will focus on the development of electric vehicles

   Recently, the U.S. Department of Energy announced the establishment of the agency since the first "four-year technical assessment report." Report describes the U.S. long-term energy technology R & D strategy that future R & D funding is no longer "eyebrows and a beard grabbed" grid modernization of electric cars and will give priority to receive funding, the current hot clean electricity and bio-energy will be relegated to second place.

    Report to judge whether an energy technology should receive priority funding criteria: the next 10 years to enter the commercial scale, or the next 20 years can be a substantial reduction of U.S. oil consumption and carbon emissions. The report lists the United States should turn attention to the six priority energy issues: alternative fuel vehicles, electric vehicles, to improve vehicle energy efficiency, clean power,glue gun power grid modernization, building and industrial energy efficiency. In order to help the five long-term energy goals, namely to reduce oil imports 2025 1 / 3, the number of electric vehicles in 2015 reached 100 million, in 2020 20% increase in building energy efficiency, renewable energy in 2035 accounted for 80% in 2020 annual greenhouse gas emissions reduction in 2005 based on 17% (83% in 2050).

    R & D funds, the report stressed that the Department of Energy can not be too "advanced." "At present the Department of Energy will be too much effort for cutting-edge technology research and development, from the practical application of these technologies is still very far away. The future will shift the focus of the Department of Energy, electric vehicles and power grids to increase capital investment."

   glue stick Prior to the U.S. government that the stationary sources of greenhouse gas emissions, is the most effective to achieve deep cuts in emissions, operational strongest areas. But the report pointed out that the United States "the most urgent threat" is the transport sector is heavily dependent on fossil fuels, which will have long-term climate change irreversible negative effects. "Improving vehicle efficiency is the short to medium term the best means to alleviate this problem, and the electric car is to improve energy efficiency and reduce oil dependency and strategic solutions, the Energy Department will be a substantial increase in investment in this area."

    The report predicts that by the popularity of electric cars and other means to improve vehicle efficiency, 10-year period, average daily U.S. oil consumption will be reduced by 200 million barrels, equivalent to the total current U.S. oil consumption by 15%.

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