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Sun Wu county electrification counties to create a new situation

   Sun Wu County, Heilongjiang Province is located in the northern foot Xiaoxing'anling, Heihe City Central. Geomorphological features of the "six mountains of water a half grass fields", the size of the river 29. Ministry of Water Resources and Heilongjiang Province, according to the state Department of Water Resources, "Heilongjiang Province," 15 "rural electrification county water plan" requirements, in order to get rid of the plight of agriculture and the rural situation, and strive to become the national electrification of 400 rural water situation in the county.

    It is understood that Sun Wu counties identified as "water Xingxian, animal husbandry county, seabuckthorn county" the three major economic development strategy, in September 2003, in support of Department of Water Resources, the total installed capacity of Sun Wu County,glue gun preliminary design 2100KW, electricity 458KWh, a total investment of 85.889 million yuan of two mountain launched the construction of hydropower stations, bringing in just three years time, Sun Wu, the successful completion of the two counties Hill station and other water conservancy projects, to promote the county's economic and social accelerate development and promote the province's rural electrification counties water to make a positive contribution.

    SUN Hao County prominence to rural electrification counties. To make two mountains and two hydropower construction projects put into operation as soon as possible efficiency, SUN Hao county full play to "hard work, self-reliant" spirit, formed a planning and design, project approval, glue stick construction, organization and coordination 5 special to promote the group, construction work in the county electrification always insisted on the "five in place", namely: promotion in place, monitoring in place, management in place, the organization in place, put in place to ensure the construction of hydropower in rural electrification counties smooth implementation.

    SUN Hao County focused, integrated, do a good job of farmland water conservancy construction. Sun Wu County to actively strive for state funding of rural power grids more than 7,000 million to the county up to the national grid project acceptance criteria, at present, the county line up to 35KV distribution lines, 190 km, 10KV line to reach 1020 km, capacity 39454KVA, 0.4KV distribution lines up to 440 km. While in the grasp of hydropower projects, the county government with the whole village poverty alleviation and development, agricultural development and new rural construction projects, and actively on the key water conservancy construction. Three years, investment 7.19 million yuan to complete the downstream bank protection works, Tuen Heilongjiang seasons; invested 1.8 million yuan to complete the water-saving irrigation and other projects along the river, the whole county to form a "grasping hydropower, Xing county's economic" development pattern.

    Sun Wu county electrification counties to create a new situation. Rural electrification counties in hydropower construction process, using scientific means to improve the overall level of construction and management, focusing on scientific and technological talent strategy, constantly adopting new technologies, new equipment, new materials, new processes, so that the passing rate of power plant construction and operation of high-quality reliability increased to achieve a comprehensive control automation. Be used in the production scheduling in computer monitors, archives, financial management, monitoring and management are implementation of computer and office automation. In construction, the strict compliance with the basic construction procedures, the introduction of competition in the construction project, an open tender to select the best construction team, construction of hydropower projects in rural electrification counties strict implementation of the project legal person responsibility system, the bidding system, project supervision and contract management system system, the water administrative departments to strengthen supervision and management of project implementation. In business management, strengthen the system and build a sound business rules and regulations, so that workers in work rules to follow, regulate the behavior of workers, a clear responsibility of employees, improve work efficiency, to promote their initiative and sense of responsibility. Management responsibility to establish project goals, signed their letters of responsibility, and strengthen the rural electrification project management of hydropower, improve the overall level of construction management. After several years of construction, electrification has been greatly improved, the index has reached the rural electrification county water standard, and passed the provincial electrification of the leading group acceptance. Sunwu County hydropower development of rural electrification counties, effectively promote the county agriculture, industry, tertiary industry, investment and other development work.

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