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Concentrating photovoltaic power generation into the low-cost era

   Concentrating the world's largest solar photovoltaic power generation equipment manufacturing industry project in late September in the southwest Sichuan Shuangliu County Airport industrial base foundation-stone laying. By Sichuan Hanlong Group established in the Chinese Solar Power Company to build a total investment of 7.6 billion yuan for this project is expected to be completed within 2 years after the completion of the scale of production will reach 200 million kilowatts, is put into annual output will reach 20 billion yuan.

    According to Han Long Group chairman Zhang Keyu the reporter, this is a new low-cost solar technology, power generation cost no more than 0.6 yuan per kWh, glue gun and the future network will no longer be problems. For a long time, due to technical bottleneck caused by high cost and low efficiency of utilization of solar energy has been rapid progress can not be a major factor. The concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) technology is undoubtedly a breakthrough in the path. That rely on concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) technology is the use of low-cost condenser will focus on a small amount of sunlight on the solar cell material, reducing the amount of solar cell material, thus greatly improving the efficiency of power generation per unit area of ??the battery; the same time the use of tracking technology to increase generating capacity, and thus significantly reduce the cost of electricity is an important way.

    However, the general view of concentrating photovoltaic technology, high cost, poor reliability, pollution of the environment is still the industry's difficulties. The O'Hanlon Group, independent research and development in high-power concentrating photovoltaic power generation system,glue stick than the traditional fixed flat PV increase of more than 30% power generation efficiency, while reducing the cost of more than 30%. These breakthroughs in core technologies and master, making the Chinese dragon and other peers with a high accuracy, high reliability and low cost integrated lead.

    As a large private enterprises in Sichuan, one of O'Hanlon value is "energy saving" the basic national policy, the new promising solar energy potential. One Chinese company to develop the domestic solar photovoltaic market, the pace is almost leap forward style. Now in Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, to build an internationally leading-edge megawatt concentrating photovoltaic power plant. Sichuan, Liaoning, Gansu, Xinjiang, Tibet and other resource-rich regions of the PV distribution rate is also accelerating.

    Expansion in the country, while the Chinese to invest in solar energy field is also overseas. According to its overseas development plan, the Chinese solar energy has been set up in Singapore, a wholly-owned subsidiary, plans to establish a clean energy-based local industry, covering research and development, integration, marketing, technical training, consulting management, solar energy industry overseas regional centers, freedom to be loose with the Singapore business environment and its unique economic advantages of developing the Southeast Asian market, and on this basis, the radiation on the Indian subcontinent, Australia and throughout the Far East.

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