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Ebb Tide energy service companies to survive

 Contract energy management in the industry called "EMC", is 70 years in Western countries began to develop a market-based operation of the new energy-efficient new mechanism. Energy service companies and energy users signed a management contract, to provide users with energy-saving diagnosis, financing, glue stick transformation services, and energy efficiency in order to recover their investment and to share a reasonable profit, can greatly reduce the energy unit energy-saving financial and technical risks, and fully using units to mobilize the enthusiasm of energy saving, energy-saving measures are effective. This energy-saving mode in the early 1990s, the formal introduction of our country, until now China has entered more than ten years, in which more than ten years, China's energy saving from the beginning of unknown cause, and now strongly support the national . This can be experienced during a long process of exploration.

    Pack and play beneath the surface issues highlighted

    Ministry of Finance,glue gun State Administration of Taxation promulgated the "on the promotion of energy efficiency services industry value-added tax, business tax and enterprise income tax policy issues," after China's formal entry into the EMC services its golden age. Many of the original companies that sell only energy-saving equipment, have spotted a piece of "fat", flocked to the start of the EMC project. For a time, China's energy service companies from the original only in Beijing surged to dozens of thousands.

    However, this problem highlights the domestic part of the energy services company strength, unable to continue running after receiving the order, equipment, low quality, difficult to achieve the promised energy saving standard, which gives the energy service companies in the energy market in this group of development of an impact. Some companies even malicious competition prices, disrupt the market order, energy service companies losing customer trust, future narrow path.

    Ebb Tide strength determine success or failure? Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, the original bet on nuclear energy?
    September 26, Bloomberg Television, "the influence of billionaire" program broadcast a series on "Why bet Bill Gates ? nuclear energy?" Program.

    Moderator: The next broadcast is to be made "billionaire's influence" series. Today we explore is why the Fukushima nuclear accident is still strong bet Bill Gates ? nuclear energy. Some analysts believe that hope for the future of clean energy technologies is a small nuclear power plant. Small nuclear power plant safety as top priority, and lower cost than conventional nuclear power plants.

    Commentary: In the TV animation "The Simpsons" Homer in the nuclear power plant operation ? Jay ? Simpson picture of nuclear power plants designed to strengthen the public safety concerns. This is why Joseph ? Reyes (JoseN.Reyes) - a former U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission security analyst and professor at the University of Oregon has done - in the energy company founded in 2007 Nuscale reasons. Reyes' goal is to construct a safer than conventional reactors cheaper small nuclear reactor. Most nuclear power plant equipment used in dynamic systems, backup power needs, such as pumps and other equipment to provide long-term core cooling. However, Nuscale Energy's nuclear reactors, application of a non-dynamic system.

    ? Joseph Reyes: Our design requires no external power supply or external water to cool the reactor core. We containment and reactor, and all are designed to water and underground. Thus, the seismic design of stronger security and better and more secure.

    Commentary: Reyes said the reactor is located underground steel liner structure, so its resistance to earthquake and other disasters will be stronger. Nuscale energy companies in the metal package is currently being tested in a reactor shield. It can be used to provide lighting and heating or village to the sea water desalination. It can also be strung together side by side to form a medium-sized nuclear power plant. And construction of a conventional nuclear power plant's cost of $ 3 billion compared to heap the cost of each module requires only $ 200 million. Professor MIT JacopoBuongiorno supporters say the smaller initial investment and other advantages makes this small reactor for the utilities more attractive.

    JacopoBuongiorno: They (the small heap of supporters), said small module assembly plant reactor can be, so you can make it more cost than the large heap, the heap to be large because a lot of construction on site assembly work.

    Commentary: the green venture capital, venture capital and the Charles River, Bill Gates, etc. ? Terra Energy Investment Company is developing another nuclear reactor technology. Investors have to Terra Energy's proposed $ 200 million investment to build a reactor power output of 500MW, which is designed for small Nuscale energy reactor power 10 times.

    Gates: Tyra's new reactor design theory, quite amazing, in theory, easier

    Commentary: Energy and Nuscale designed light-water reactor is different is that Terra Energy's reactor design using traveling-wave technology, which produce less waste and spent fuel from nuclear power plants can use regular. Compared with conventional reactors, traveling wave reactor also uses a different coolant.

    chrisGadomski: Terra Energy's traveling wave reactor technology is a major innovation, because it uses uranium-238 as a nuclear fuel, uranium-238 is a rich resource reserves. I wave reactor operation mode can be compared to a point 60 years of cigarettes, cigarette burning when exhausted, soot dispersed, leaving only the energy, it really is about a very interesting technology.

    Moderator: So is nuclear energy wave heap future? Now we have invited Vice President of NERA Economic Consulting EdKee, Ali's research specialty is nuclear energy; Westinghouse Electric Company, the manager for advanced nuclear reactor MichaelAnness, by the way Westinghouse is the world's supply of reactors up to the company.

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