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« Low-voltage electrical industry, "second Five Year Plan"Ten years the rapid development of the industry total output value of the instrument three times the fan »

Optical cable market to 15% -20% annual increase rate

     Background activity: building hardware for the exchange of electrical and mechanical trades business circles, to help SMEs ... Intel invite fiberglass mold suppliers down the supply chain to promote mold industry in Japan the focus of offshore business world Qi-Xiong swordfight mold power cable home: China's largest and most the authority of the wire and cable industry e-commerce site. name = description> wire and cable, fiber optic cable, cable materials, cable equipment, copper and aluminum prices, bidding information, supply and demand information, products, membership services, advertising services. name = keywords>

    In recent years, China's optical cable market to 15% annual rate of 20%, wire and cable industry in China's machinery industry is second only to the location of the second largest automobile industry, China is second in the world after the U.S. large wire and cable producer.

    However, glue stick the recent global wire and cable market matures, wire and cable manufacturing industry slowed down, the modest growth. With the changes in the external environment and internal competition, world wire and cable industry has several giant monopolistic competition into the pattern of vertical and horizontal swing in the world enjoyable. Korean LS Group announced almost at the same time in China, the world's leading manufacturer of cable Nexans company claims the new plant investment € 2,200 may be resistant Sen (Shanghai) cable company was officially started in April, marking the world's most advanced Special Cable began production in China. Earlier, China needs high-end cable market is almost entirely dependent on imports.glue gun Although the number of China's domestic manufacturers up to 7,000, but almost all concentrated in the low areas on low prices to gain market, which has become a bottleneck in the development of domestic enterprises. Current profit margins large area of ??high-end cables, the Chinese market entirely by multinational giants seize.

    Due to intense competition, primarily major manufacturers of wire and cable industry through a variety of ways to reduce costs, control of fixed expenses. With the entry of multinationals, low-cost competition in the cable industry, China will face a severe test. China wire and cable market acceptance of special gesture to open the cable long melee in the low-end domestic cable companies provide a way to get out, but like the spring breeze blowing head for the wire and cable industry, the "dying patient" into a cardiac stimulant.

    Currently, special cables about the domestic cable market sales about 30% of total sales, according to a rough estimate that the national specialty cable products for sale about 400 billion yuan. Specialty cable products for the market demand but we put up a huge fine division of the stage, we need to grasp their own, to develop, to the occupation. In general the product competitive, profitable today, why not focus on the development of special cable products. Recently, South Korea's LS Cable Group and a leading global manufacturer Nexans cable companies have entered the Chinese market, sources said, Anhui and Sichuan, China will build two production bases of special cables, specialty cable products in the era of rapid development , will emerge a group of truly high-tech wire and cable business.

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