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Shanghai Electric covers 25.7 billion online shopping printing and packaging machinery

    Shanghai Electric Group, a subsidiary wholly owned subsidiary - Network Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Electric Gang, Managing Director told the media today, the company purchases 2010 online transactions 25.7 billion yuan, glue stick is the first built (2006) 640%.


Home the most energy-efficient lighting bulbs have a secret you do not know

    Lamps and lighting equipment not only is a necessary daily expenses, they also affect the way we live, work and play aspects.
    To celebrate the ever-changing technology to make our lighting more comfortable when in use, more flexible and more efficient. On how to use light bulbs,glue stick how to make our lighting more comfortable experience, together to share seven you should know do not know.


China's first deep UV LED production line put into operation recently in Qingdao

    China's first deep UV wavelength of 280 nm LED production line in Qingdao, Jason recently completed and put into Electric Co., Ltd., marking China's semiconductor lighting industry to achieve a qualitative leap in the level of development.glue stick It is the deep UV LED in the country for the first time commercial production.


Shenghua Cable seize the opportunity to promote wind power market overall development

    Recently, Shanghai Shenghua Cable Group to invest 1.5 billion restructuring cable factory in Harbin, Shanghai Shenghua Group (Harbin) Industrial Park and the new production base in Harbin Cable Group laid the foundation stone ceremony was held in Harbin Economic and Technological Development Zone.


2010 Chemical "most" points: the maximum amount of anti-dumping case Jingxian

    The world's largest production base of grain base.
    With the increasing competition in the market of caustic soda and caustic soda plant in China gradually shifted westward from the storage and use considerations, in caustic soda products in the international market, grain base more competitive.

Sauve Design Institute signed with a paint factory relocation technology projects

    The paint factory is to provide a complete high-performance industrial coatings based paint suppliers, product won the "Famous Brand of Jiangsu Province," the honorary title, to meet the wide range of industrial needs.

Blue Ocean Commercial electric kitchen and other 8 failed checks food processing machinery

    According to the AQSIQ Web site news, recently, AQSIQ announced to the public the electric food processing machinery product quality supervision and inspection results, spot checks found that 8 kinds of products do not meet the relevant standards.

Zhiguang Electric: "sprint-style marathon," the wisdom of

    Britain has a saying: "This is a marathon, not a sprint." In commerce refers to the cake is still very great, market competition is a long-term strength of the fight must go slowly.

    However, the high voltage inverter for domestic industry, but he is not applicable. On the one hand, the implementation of energy saving policy in China has brought boom, marathon has just begun; the other hand, industry, increasing competition in 2010,glue stick if not a "sprint", then very likely engulfed by bad market conditions.


Shanghai Electric: Promotion of presentations aimed at packaging and printing market

    January 5, 2011, the second business day after the New Year, but also "five-second" start of the second day, the Shanghai Electric Group Printing and Packaging Machinery Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Electric Indian air charter company) organized the "2011 Shanghai Electric and innovative development solutions, promotional packaging and printing presentations, "Holiday Inn Downtown in Shanghai was held.

Wuhan Iron and Steel: carry the banner of the Chinese wind power electric dreams maximize the lookout

    I remember once heard a story: A Disney executives asked Apple CEO Steve Jobs on how to revitalize Walt Disney Treasures, Jobs replied: large enough to dream.

    Behind every entrepreneur dreams have a seemingly arrogant, more or less between the success or failure depends on the dreams of entrepreneurs able to stick to the original passion and dedication. Of course, also have a little luck.


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