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Beijing layout of the sensor technology roadmap leading Internet of Things

   Apple and Nike iPod Sport Kit to push cooperation, Haier launched the refrigerator of things, the new China Science and Technology Museum Hall of RFID tickets, IT industry, things change is indicative of the era curtain opened.

    Internet of Things "pyramid" and the bottom was undoubtedly the most basic part of the sensor, it is the total amount of the whole industry chain, the largest and most basic part of the whole key role in the development of things, naturally has a great industrial potential. September 15, glue stick 2011 afternoon, "IT Trends Series Report Release & Information Technology Seminar" held in Beijing, Beijing Kexin Tang super center on the "Beijing sensors and sensor network technology Roadmap Report" (hereinafter referred to research reports) do its work.

    Beijing tight layout of the sensor industry, the lifeblood of the development brief things

    Study using the Delphi method, brainstorming, SWOT analysis, research information and intelligence gathering, information measurement analysis, scenario analysis and other methods in-depth investigation and analysis of our sensors and sensor network technology base and production base. Tang Chao pointed out that Beijing has a network of sensors and sensor research institutions and rich human resources, industrial, fully furnished, policy preferences,glue gun and other advantages, but there is a core technology is weak, weak large-scale production, foreign and other disadvantages.

    Such advantages and disadvantages are obvious. Terms of market share, China's four major categories of sensors market, industrial and automotive electronics industry occupies an important position in third, while the industrial sensor market, outside the Chinese manufacturers such as Siemens, Honeywell, Yokogawa, Omron Corporation accounted for a larger share. Number of sensor manufacturers in our country, and many, but still lack the top-known brand, the core technology, process development is controlled by the majority of the hands of foreign brands.

    On the future development, the study pointed out that sensor technology will be toward miniaturization, integration, intelligence and network development. The study also in Beijing sensors and sensor networks for industrial technology development policies put forward, the industry's recommendations.

    Beijing, China, in particular the future development of the field sensor in the entire strategic layout of things is crucial, especially to increase the weight of human needs, privacy, security, personal data protection issues will also become the industry will face challenges.

    The field of competition beginning to achieve things

    CCID Consulting's research shows that in 2010 China market size of the pre-networking industry reached 200 billion yuan by 2015, China Things overall market will reach 750 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate of more than 30%. Faced with such a huge market, Beijing is ready?

    The concept of things in 1999 by the Massachusetts Institute of KevinAshton made quickly received international attention. In the Internet of Things, the United States pre-empted, the EPCglobal standard has been achieved in the international initiative adopted by many countries; the EU to be outdone, made things first system development and management plans; Japan's "pan-in" strategy and South Korea. " U-Korea "strategy is that its like in the era before the advent of things to occupy a favorable position.

    Remember the 2008 Olympic Games, video surveillance, intelligent transportation, electronic ticket and other applications are using the things related to technology, the protection of Saishi smoothly but also to the people of the world shows China's determination to develop things. At present, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shanghai, have entered the local construction industry of things, is pay close attention to the layout of Beijing, this study reports on the Beijing sensors and sensor network technology development depicts a clear road map, Beijing face age of a one trillion industry, Beijing, China long way to go.

    The "IT trends research report released series of seminar-cum-information technology" by Changfeng Open Standard Platform Software Alliance held, attended the meeting along with the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology, China's soft Association, Beijing Science and Technology Commission, Beijing City Commission by letter, Zhongguancun Administrative Committee, Japan's Nomura Research Institute staff and industry experts, business representatives.

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