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« Beijing layout of the sensor technology roadmap leading Internet of ThingsOptical cable market to 15% -20% annual increase rate »

Low-voltage electrical industry, "second Five Year Plan"

   1, the guiding ideology

    The general idea: to take Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" as guidance, comprehensively implement the scientific concept of development, to keep track of foreign advanced technology and product development, leading the industry to promote the development of independent innovation as a way of changing the central link. Products to intelligent, communication, networking, high reliability, green development. Continue to develop with our own intellectual property rights of low-voltage electrical products, low-voltage electrical-related technologies to keep up with the world development trend. Main tasks: an objective analysis of the impact of changes in the external environment for development, glue gun an accurate grasp of current industry trends, industry-focused business development targeted for the development of the industry's hot spots and key issues, research that "five-second" The overall objective of development, ideas focus on the task. And for industry characteristics, propose measures. Low-voltage electrical industry to become the next five years to guide the development of the Programme of Action.

    2, "five" strategic thinking and development of the industry development objectives

    2.1 Development Strategy

    Seize the smart grid construction to low-voltage electrical development opportunities, enhance the overall performance of intelligent appliances, promoting China's new generation of product development, so that further low-voltage electrical performance, miniaturization, high reliability, glue stick intelligence, networking, section wood energy saving, environmental protection aspects of development, in the low-voltage electrical new technology, new product development, accelerate to keep up with global trends, meet smart grid and new energy systems, and rapid economic development of the new requirements for low-voltage electrical appliances. Electrical industry to promote technological progress, improve market competitiveness.

    2.2 Development Goals and content:

    "1025" period of China's economic and social development of important strategic opportunities, but also building a moderately prosperous society in our country critical period, the smart grid, low-voltage electrical appliances and systems, new energy systems for the protection of national electrical safety, to ensure a reliable information system running, supporting sound and rapid economic development has an important role.

    ? It is recommended the user side of the smart grid and smart appliances State Key Laboratory of R & D; of the client key smart grid technology;

    * Development of bus and control functions of the intelligent power distribution system;

    * The development of intelligent low-voltage power distribution and control system reliability and energy efficiency of key technologies;

    ? Develop MW doubly-fed wind power converter control technology, control strategies and protection technology, to achieve megawatt-class wind turbine converter localization; new energy control and grid technology research;

    * Development of computer and microelectronics technology development and application; electronics, intelligence, communications, remote control technology; modular technology and related products;

    * Development of environmental protection and pollution-free products and materials applications. Environmental protection and pollution-free products;

    2.2.1 The overall development objectives

    Completion of our fourth generation of the main low-voltage electrical products R & D tasks, a new generation of products began to market; simultaneously smart grid client a major component of new research and new product development work, in the smart grid distribution system to obtain the full application of intelligent electrical ; depth distributed new energy control and protection systems and related products research.

    In high-end low-voltage electrical appliances, including third-generation, third generation of secondary development, the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical products industry sales volume reached about 70% of total sales. So that the overall level of China's low-voltage electrical significantly improved, new technologies, new product development to keep up with the world development trend.

    Comprehensively improve the low-voltage electrical industry, the ability of independent innovation, to free themselves from the imitation as the main mode of new product development model.

    Complete smart grid and smart client State Key Laboratory of Electrical and build smart appliances for industry-wide public service platform.

    2.2.2 Specific objectives and tasks develop a new generation of intelligent control and protection of integral appliances, set control, protection, communication and other functions into one, with a small, high integrity, high reliability and energy-saving features. Integrated product of the rational distribution of small size, improve reliability and electromagnetic compatibility, unique "board" structure, rational distribution of high-current contact arc system, high-speed breaking operating mechanism, the electromagnetic energy-saving systems and intelligent control systems, high performance , high reliability and electromagnetic compatibility requirements. develop the full current range of optional intelligent power distribution system reliability, including the development of a new generation of electric power compensation with intelligent circuit breaker, MCCB intelligent high-speed breaking and selective home circuit breakers, etc. Development of intelligent energy-saving AC contactors, solenoid system uses intelligent energy-saving electromagnetic bodies, reliability, longevity and new breakthroughs in energy consumption, energy efficiency rating of at least exchange contact with the national standards of energy efficiency two requirements. The modular design of the structure, the structure type, installed in a manner consistent protection features and assembled into a modular control and protection of electrical requirements. R & D through the module with low power scheduling function and limited MW doubly-fed wind turbine converters, converter and control to enhance system reliability as the goal, to build wind turbine converter control the development of key common technology platform to study MW doubly-fed wind power converter control technology, control strategies and protection technology with independent intellectual property of the double-fed wind power converter and control system and control software for MW doubly-fed wind turbine converter localization basis.

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