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"Five-second" period of China's energy conservation situation is grim

    July 19, Premier, the national response to climate change and energy conservation, the group leader Wen Jiabao chaired a national response to climate change and energy conservation leadership group meeting, considered and agreed in principle to "five" glue stick emission reduction comprehensive work program, and energy-saving target decomposition scheme, the main pollutant emission control plan, deployment-related research work.


Wind power development will focus on low wind speed and near the load region

    National "Three North" (Northwest, Northeast and North China) region phased development of wind power has become saturated, limiting the development of China's wind power industry. China's future will no longer blindly development of large wind power base, but strongly encourage decentralized development, which means that the low wind speed near the load center wind farm development will usher in a huge market space. This is the correspondent on July 30 in Trinity Electric Co., Ltd. glue gun hosted for the Chinese market "low speed, high-efficiency" of wind power technology-cum-seminar was informed of the return on investment.


Crucial in the logistics of coal is high in the "obstruction"

   Last year, a media tracking report is very convincing: Shanxi Jincheng Anthracite lump coal mine-mouth price of only 1,100 yuan, but by road transport to 100 km away, Jiaozuo, Henan, the settlement price suddenly becomes 1323 yuan; the end of coal The pit price is only $ 650 by road transport suddenly becomes 846 yuan. If you take the rail transport, the same coal to the users hands were turned into 1442 yuan and 957 yuan.


SERC meeting will deploy power production safety work recent work

   To implement the July 27 executive meeting of the State Council Premier Wen Jiabao's important speech spirit and the spirit of profound lessons, "7.23" Yongwen line railway accidents particularly important lessons, strengthen the power production safety work, July 29, SERC meeting electrical safety conference. SERC party secretary, Mr Wu-hsiung at the meeting stressed the need to further raise awareness, clear responsibility to implement measures to ensure foolproof safety of the power industry.


Decrease the cost of photovoltaic power generation unit cost reduced to 20,000 from 40,000

    Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua University professor Kim Yong July 22, said in an interview with reporters, with the slice, the development of new technologies such as energy storage, wind, solar and other renewable energy generation costs continue to decline, the development prospects.


South "fever" more than Zhejiang and Anhui Jiangxi hit new high power load

     30, the Central Meteorological Station issued heat yellow warning to the South due to lack of rain on the patronage of the heat wave is still rolling in some areas, the maximum temperature of 39 ℃. Since late July, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Anhui with a new high power load, the situation is grim.


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