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Interpretation: Count intelligent lighting control system of the six dominant

   Into the 21st century, intelligent lighting manufacturers and traders have mushroomed rapidly emerged as Swiss francs, full lighting, Tsinghua Tong Fang, SSE, the size of dozens of companies such as Haier, intelligent lighting into a new stage of development . So what are the advantages of intelligent lighting it?


O-cresol formaldehyde epoxy resin Baling ton cap device

   March 6, Baling Petrochemical Division of epoxy resin in the construction of the first set of annual output of 10,000 tons of domestic o-cresol formaldehyde epoxy resin plant of the main framework of the cap special ceremony. This is a special epoxy resin of the company following the new circulating water project After the completion of another important building node.


MEMS accelerometers to address vehicle safety issues

    Compared with 2001, the end of 2010 the number of road fatalities in Europe has been reduced by half. While the European Commission established in 2003, challenging goals that could not be achieved, but the EU 27 member states, the average number of casualties has fallen by 40%.


Well-known foreign machine tool enterprises have transferred the focus of development in China

    From 9 April 2011, held in Beijing, China International Tool Technology Seminar was informed that China is the world's largest machine tool consumer, the annual consumption of more than U.S., Japan and Germany the sum of consumption, and fast as China's equipment manufacturing industry development, machine tool consumption will continue to maintain rapid growth.


Metal School: copper clad aluminum wire and cable applications the cable properties and

    For mechanical and electrical installation industry, wire and cable in the electrical and mechanical installation works occupy an important position, as its main raw material of copper cable products accounted for 70% of the total cost to 80%,glue gun the price of copper cable with a sharp rise in copper prices growth side of the investors in the engineering and construction cost control extremely difficult to bring about this end, research and application of copper clad aluminum cables rapid growth.


WindRiverDiab compiler to accelerate the development of automotive electronic systems

    Embedded and mobile applications worldwide leader in software, Wind River (WindRiver), today announced the worldwide automotive industry's leading supplier of systems and materials used WindRiverDiab Continental compiler (Compiler) development of their driving and vehicle control system, which includes the brakes, engine control and power management subsystems.


South Korea LED Lighting Industry and Development Trend Analysis

    Today, the lighting industry is led to appearances as well as changes in universal coverage and violent. LED lighting in the growing presence of Japan, South Korea is no exception. South Korea put forward in 2012 'to become the world's top three power LED industry,' the objectives, the Government and enterprises, glue gun vigorously promote LED. In Korea, LED lighting, the use of a substantial increase.


General Electric intends to build the nation's largest U.S. solar cell MILL

    According to foreign reports, the U.S. General Electric Company today announced plans to build the nation's largest photovoltaic cells MILL, glue gun photovoltaic solar energy market in order to become the major manufacturers.


Yong Jia Hongling Pump Co., has won praise businesses

    Hong Ling Yongjia County, Valve Co., Ltd. is specialized in various types of pumps and valves and ancillary product sales, the company is seated in a "Rural valve" reputation Oubei.

    Strong technical force, advanced production technology, testing equipment, reliable quality, scientific management,glue gun wide variety. Production of the properties are in strict accordance with national standards. The two companies under the pump valves more than a dozen departments and Hong Ling valve processing plant production and sales department: gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, relief valve, needle valves, control valves, diaphragm valves , butterfly valves, solenoid valves, piston valves, plug valves, forged steel valves, needle valves, instrument valves, liquid level, flow meter, exhaust valve, flame arrester, knife gate valve, slurry valve, copper valve, balance valve, stainless steel valves, lined rubber lined valves, Pinch Valve, the U.S. standard valve, power station valve, breather valve, hydraulic control valve, vacuum valve, discharge valve, pneumatic angle seat valves, insulation valve, filter, foot valve, balance valve, drain valve high,glue stick medium and low pressure valves. Nominal diameter 6mm-2000mm (1 / 4 "-80"), nominal pressure 0.1Mpa-60Mpa (150Lb-3500Lb), working temperature -196 ℃ -1300 ℃. The main material used: WCB.WC6, WC9, 2GCr5Mo, 2G1 products are widely used in municipal engineering, petroleum, power plants, fertilizer, steel, pharmaceutical, chemical high-rise construction, textile and other fields. BR>


More than 60 medical staff Fire Science Royal Free teaching fire Panxian

    5 April afternoon, the fire into the Panxian Liupanshui Hua Panxian Chengguan Hospital, the hospital more than 60 medical staff training in fire safety knowledge, effectively enhancing the medical staff of fire, fire fighting and evacuation to escape self-help skills.


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