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Smart Home to the property in 2011 brought new opportunities for networking applications

    Smart home industry is an emerging industry, but also high-tech industry, and domestic intelligence represents a trend of social development, a mainstream, smart home industry will surely become the next round of new growth points of economic growth.


China Lighting to find the need to balance the overall development of the real advantages

     At present, China has become the world's largest lighting producer and exporter of electrical appliances, lighting industry output, export 100 billion U.S. dollars, accounted for 18% of global market share. Lighting industry seems to have become the backbone of China's another major.


Tailored corporate saving the electricity sector to reduce energy consumption efficiency

    "Since January this year, the electricity sector optimize the power consumption using the program so far, not reduce our plant in the case of electricity, saving electricity more than 40,000 yuan." April 19, County of Henan Province town of Hung Textile Co., Ltd. Speaking of electricity bureau responsible for enterprise solutions tailored optimize the power consumption of praise.


Schneider Electric was named "50 Best First in the workplace"

    Beijing, China, April 15, 2011 - Global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric has elected the 2010 "50 Best First in the workplace."
    The event is organized by "career" magazine and the China Business newspaper, organized with Schneider Electric employees for professional life, social relationships, financial status, health status and social environment and other aspects of the superior performance of high satisfaction among the list, following the 2010 China's "glue gun Best HRM Enterprise" award after another, Schneider Electric's human resources strategy once again become an excellent human resource management benchmark of excellence.


Progress of the exploration of imports from China bearing mechanical sought

    China wind power bearing in a stage in a long rely on foreign imports, the price is expensive, increasing the cost per kilowatt of wind power equipment, and restricted the decline in the cost of wind power.

    Domestic enterprises to explore the progress.


Recycling of waste electrical and electronic products will be set up fund to support the

    Pollution Prevention and Control Division Ministry of Environmental Protection inspectors recently in Tianjin, said Li Xinmin, the face of waste electrical and electronic products, the need for standardized recycling,glue gun China will establish recycling waste electrical and electronic products, fund system, to give the relevant corporate subsidies.


Fu, chairman of Mitsubishi Electric Zeke line of the "Outstanding Entrepreneur"

    The Shanghai Composite Bonded by the Management Committee sponsored Shanghai Tongsheng Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Port Economic Development Group Co., Ltd., Waigaoqiao (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Pudong Modern Industrial Development Co., Ltd. organized the "2011 Shanghai Composite Bonded Year Conference "on April 7 was held in Pudong.


O-cresol formaldehyde epoxy resin Baling ton cap device

    March 6, Baling Petrochemical Division of epoxy resin in the construction of the first set of annual output of 10,000 tons of domestic o-cresol formaldehyde epoxy resin plant of the main framework of the cap special ceremony. This is a special epoxy resin of the company following the new circulating water project After the completion of another important building node.


Save the semiconductor industry! How many important Japanese semiconductor

    Semiconductors are mobile phones, computers, digital home appliances and automotive equipment, the core components. Iwate Prefecture in Japan's Toshiba Semiconductor Electronics and Fujitsu, is located in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, Renesas and Texas Instruments and other electronics companies in the large factory premises by the direct impact of the earthquake; As of now, no signs of recovery.


Leaders at a total development of the future exploration of urban rail transit

    By the "RT Rail Transit" magazine, RT rail transit network, organized H & Z Industry Media hosted "Seventh Summit of urban rail transit? Cum RTTOP50 2011 list published in China", forthcoming in April 2011 20-21 shine in Beijing, China.


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