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About laminating machine and its working principle

www.tygluegun.comLaminating the natural tension of the paper is the use of glue stick water to wet the paper with glue stick to the cardboard, wood and other objects, to dry the paper very flat, generally preparatory drawing and painting, now mainly used for cartons, paper box processing.

The men wearing contact lenses decade not take the glasses and corneal stick together

www.tygluegun.comContact lenses to wear for a decade did not take off, when they want to pick Abstract down. Yesterday, reporters from Shanghai eye anti informed that the over 40-year-old Mr. Wang (a pseudonym) has to find a doctor, I hope to take off wearing contact lenses of the glue stick decade, a doctor examined glue gun him and found the lens and cornea tight adhesions together , if it is hard to take, corneal rupture and blindness may result.

Wall hanging stone curtain wall structure stability and aesthetics

Wall Hanging granite stone curtain panel curtain wall from natural granite plate. Panel stone under construction overall effect of stone products require the use of the right color, texture and thickness, easy coordination with glass and other decorative exterior glue stick wall overall effect is beautiful, uniform color and durable, and is now increasingly being used to senior hotels, restaurants, commercial office buildings, office buildings, external wall decoration works.

Glass crumb should pay attention to in the course of

Glass crumb is a one-component elastic de-acid-type room temperature vulcanizing silicone sealants, silicone rubber as the main raw material, by adding reinforcing agents, crosslinking agents, antioxidants, accelerators, plasticizers, etc., advanced to glue stick process synthetic type of one-component room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) seal powder, good resistance to atmospheric aging. Can be used for glass, ceramics and aluminum alloy the oleaginous glue gun general building materials such as wood, brick, tile, sealed, can be used to waterproof, but can not be used for structural glass assembly.

The analysis of the composition of the ink

The inks are made of pigments, binders, solvents and additives
    ⑴ pigment: the hiding power is not strong, leveling performance is poor, a film after printing for the light to see the spots. LAMINATING multiplexed (especially aluminum) have obvious spot, this phenomenon is caused due to the hiding glue stick power of the pigment.

Quality power tools by focusing on the wide application of human body engineering

As China's power tools of exports increased, and domestic and abroad customers to pay more attention to the quality of power tools, each inspection agencies, foreign trade company also strengthening of the electric tool inspection, and formulate the corresponding inspection standard and inspection method. Generally speaking, electric tool inspection in addition to foreign trade company or foreign make about signs nameplate,, manuals, some special requirements and the outer packing check order confirmation number outside the actual data, security and performance can be roughly divided into two parts.


Schneider electric solutions grasp new sales opportunities

The social usability and energy efficiency has a higher request, security consider increasingly, process and security system has entered the digital stage, at the same time, all kinds of standard and standard also increasingly strict. Put an end to power outages and reducing the risk of the importance of the unquestionable.


Five jincheng improve adornment hardware competition ability structure changes

Since the reform and opening up, along with the progress of the society and national income improved significantly, used to be called a "hardware", "small business" decorate adornment hardware industry got the continuous, healthy and rapid development, the sale as a decoration decoration hardware center, thus becomes neighboring provinces and decoration hardware sales of large market.


To enhance the grade of diversity in hardware locks are expected to better development

Decorate adornment hardware covers a wide range of, mainly including furniture hardware, locks hardware, doors, Windows, hardware, plumbing hardware, sanitary hardware, lighting hardware, kitchen hardware, manual, electric tools hardware, electrical accessories hardware, etc. Series.


Our country electric tools to increase exports pay more attention to the quality

It is held in appearance, comfort, noise and vibration, service life, work efficiency, spare parts quality, such as performance may exists great difference. And electric tool professional users, not only focus on the safety of the tools, are more interested in the performance of each index.


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