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Apple store in China passenger, sales rank first in world store

    Apple's brilliant performance, partial remission of the company's CEO Steve Jobs sickness caused concern to investors.

   Local 18, the U.S. stock market close, Apple released the first quarter of fiscal year 2011 financial report: As of December 25, 2010, glue stick Apple's quarter revenue reached 26.74 billion U.S. dollars, up (over the previous year) increased by 71% net profit of $ 6,000,000,000, an increase of 78%, a record revenue and net income were the highest level.


Huaibei made six recommendations to resolve the fire safety problems the old city

     Huaibei City, Anhui Province, the first quarter, according to fire the spirit of joint work, combined with the actual work of Huaibei City fire recently, the city of Huaibei City Fire Department conducted fire prevention research, from planning, construction, facilities, electrical, management, and other top 5 ,glue stick the analysis of the urban problems in fire protection for the building of the old city fire "six recommendations" to try to resolve the old city fire safety hazard.


Urumqi, 2010 fire loss of more than 900 million since 1346

    In the past 2010 years, the various types of fire to Urumqi caused economic losses of 900 million yuan, more heavy is, there are 22 people lost their lives in these fires.

    January 18, Municipal Public Security Bureau, Fire Bureau released the annual fire statistics 2010 case in Urumqi, in 2010, glue stick the Urumqi City fire a total of 1346, killing 22 people were killed and 22 injured, direct property loss of 919 million yuan.


Suning Appliance dished out 30 billion yuan purchase prices stabilize

   Last week, the nation's largest home appliance retailer Suning Appliance disclosed, some traditional consumer electronics companies has been brewing in prices during the Spring Festival, causing a strong reaction among society and industry.

Light and Power Electric (Jiangsu) Identification of joint-stock companies all through the 2010 New

    At 9:00 on January 9, 2011, CLP Electric (Jiangsu) AG appraisal of new products in 2010 Yangzhong transformer manufacturing base in the multimedia successful convening of the conference room, this involved in the assessment of the products through the authority of experts.

18 Hu Jintao visited the United States affect the polyurethane industry

    Promoting Sino-US relations or affect bilateral relations, the world situation, global economic environment, but also affect the development of polyurethane.
    Chinese President Hu Jintao today will begin a state visit to the United States. Media generally expressed optimism that the visit the two sides will guide the bilateral relations have entered a new stage.


2010 is the glory years of heavy-duty coatings

    Heavy duty coating is relatively routine in terms of anti-corrosion coating, anti-corrosion coating is corrosion in a relatively harsh environment applications, and has to achieve more protection than conventional anti-corrosion coating of a class of anti-corrosion coating, according to ISO12944-2 is defined refers to the atmospheric environment for the C4 (high), C5-I (high industrial), C5-M (high seas) and immersed in seawater or salty water Im2 corrosion environment.

Large passenger aircraft made its first flight in three years the level of the equivalent of 737

    Responsible for 16 reporters from China's "Big aircraft" project of the Chinese Commercial Aircraft Company (the "China Commercial Aircraft") has learned that China's own R & D of large aircraft flight 2014 C919, 2016 on the market. The 2011 will be the first successful test flight of an already-made regional jet ARJ-21 market.


Automotive Interior: polyurethane bio-plastics can substitute?

    Climate Conference in Copenhagen is becoming a low carbon automotive industry started origin. Low-carbon economy has become the focus of attention behind the scene one of the topics.
    Guangzhou Motor Show in the recently concluded, almost every exhibitors in low-carbon, energy saving, emission reduction initiatives in varying degrees, more than 60% of the car firms involved in corporate strategy aspects of the new energy vehicle development program. The low-carbon vehicles, in addition to plot new energy, foam,glue stick plastics used in automobile industry is the general trend and popular feeling.


"Scud" Heibang Jin declined to comment on the quality of

    December 17, Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision announced the third quarter of 2010, Shanghai, GSM mobile phone, lithium ion battery and charger product quality supervision and spot check results.
    The spot checks involving a total of 45 batches of substandard products which were detected as 12 batches, including Shenzhen Jin Communications Equipment Co., Ltd., Scud (Fujian) Electronic Co., Ltd., the company's products impressively.glue stick Scud brand which is more numerous in the country sampling and become the "Heibang" the regulars.


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