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Minjiangshuidian Star Uncap polysilicon striking off

    April 22, off the success of Star Uncap Minjiangshuidian (600 131) held the 2010 Annual General Meeting, the meeting unanimously adopted the "Company Board of Directors 2010 Annual Report" and many other resolutions.


Million and create hot water for safety and fuel products and services of experts

    The use of electric appliances products, environmental safety related to the safety of consumers, to regulate the electric appliance industry, product installation, to promote the healthy development and to provide consumers with quality, security and standard of service.


Weighing China's first successful development of automatic test equipment loading

    Recently, the National Institute of Metrology has successfully developed China's first large scale test device automatically load temperature and humidity, and by experts. Loading and unloading of the device through the robot system, without having to remove scales, can be automated temperature and humidity conditions to achieve large scale weighing performance test, the overall technical indicators better than the existing installations abroad, greatly enhanced our ability to scale performance test system .


China's industrial structure and development of terminals Overview

    In 1928, Phoenix invented the world's first piece of modular terminal blocks, which is the prototype of the modern terminal, but also Phoenix applied for and received the first patent.

    Since then, Phoenix passionate innovation and commitment to the development of a variety of connection technologies, forming a complete system of electrical interface technology, many products have become industry standard applications.


EUP Directive EU rechargeable export of small appliances

   1 EUP Directive specific requirements for battery chargers.

   EUP Framework Directive introduced after the EU has issued a specific directive of 14 energy-saving products, "the external power supply and battery charger instruction" is one of the specific product instructions. The directive in July 2008 into the implementation phase. Directive applies to electrical and electronic products supply, the output power in 0.3-150W, single output AC voltage - DC, AC - AC external power converters and battery chargers. For example: power adapter, cell phone battery chargers, household appliances,glue gun battery charger, power tools, IT products, chargers and battery charger. The directive requires the EU market of no-load power consumption of battery charger:


Conservation school: car has not been open only put the bad bad

    School Quotations: rookie is not funny, who are learning from rookie fly over it, this school is to teach you some of the most basic, most simple car knowledge. Years of experience is experience.

    Is the so-called "car is not a bad opening, and only put the bad!", The largest festival of Chinese - the Spring Festival approaching, as foreigners in Guangzhou, if the home in nearby provinces or province Fortunately, glue gun after an interval of more than 1500 km so, many vehicle owners to avoid driving fatigue, and abrupt climate change affect their travel, will choose other travel tools; the locals like to go abroad, out of the province to play. In this case, owners would park their vehicles in Guangzhou, "New Year", then the long-term parking of more than a week need to pay attention to the problem?


UK Chinese market demand for terminals will continue to expand

    Wikipedia Introduction: China's market demand for terminal products will continue to expand, is expected to market the next 5 years the average annual growth rate of China terminals will remain at 15%, significantly higher than the world growth of about 7% of the market expected.


New Energy and Industrial Aspects of the developed countries

    Energy is the driving force of economic development. Looking at the world economic development, from the British invention of the steam and the application of large-scale substitution of coal to oil, then with the economic development related to the climax.


UF Information Index research report read: strategic applications will become the trend

    UF by the management software company and the Ministry of Information Industry jointly issued an electronic "2010 Index of UF Enterprise Information Report", pointed out that the application of information technology to Chinese enterprises into "strategic application" stage. At this stage, enterprise information technology will become the main support strategic decision-making basis.

Why order a substantial increase in hardware business, "unhappy old age"

    Bring metal products industry, maybe people will feel familiar, but as long as you entered the kitchen, bathroom, they immediately entered the world of hardware products, large whole cabinet, steam shower room, small taps, showers, knives, scissors, metal products in our daily life, the indispensable actor an important role.


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