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Comments: Anhui Electric Power Construction wanton and brutal housing financing

    Anhui Electric Power Company was broke as deputy division level and above spent a lot of cadres with car news, reporters found the company in Hefei, more "welfare" --- financing housing construction.

    698 Hospital Road, Hefei, Chui-mei, a total of 888 house, of which a considerable part of Shuangpin villa. This luxurious community is to Anhui Electric Power Company's staff residential buildings. Tree-lined district, there are large areas of vegetation, rockery, and a tennis court. A, B District, all as Shuangpin villa,glue gun followed by several high-rise buildings. "The most common is Sishiliangting house." Said a person familiar with the area.


Germany called on first to take advantage of the development of smart grid renewable energy

    Recently, the German community out hot and strong for accelerating the development of nuclear energy, renewable energy topics. From the current public opinion point of view, nuclear accident in Japan after the temporary exit from the German network of 8 nuclear reactors is likely that this "permanent exit."


TBEA won the "China Industry Award"

    28 morning, the second industry award in recognition of China's Great Hall of the General Assembly held in Beijing. The list TBEA Co., Ltd., Receives Industry Award in China.

    Industrial Award by the State Council of China approved the establishment of the most comprehensive in our industry, science, glue gun influence and representation of the highest awards. The poll, tens of thousands of industrial enterprises in the country, a total of 7 enterprises (projects) win big.


Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition will be held in June

    Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2011, June 9 to 12 in Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair Complex was held. The exhibition area is high, amounting to 200,000 square meters.

    The new zone "Asian LED show" reflects the strong growth in the global lighting industry.


Central Plains 26.8 billion investment in building livable home CBD Zhengzhou Industrial Park in China

    Home industry is now the pace of the transfer to the Midwest has taken a big step. Recently, some media reports, the Zhengzhou urban area "Ten groups," one of the city of Central China Trade livable positioning determined, detailed planning is accelerated.


Emerson Electric quarterly net profit rose to 567 million lower than expected

     Beijing May 3 evening news, the U.S. manufacturing giant Emerson Electric Company (EmersonElectricCo.) announced Tuesday the latest to profit in the first quarter of 2011 of operations, the company achieved net profit of 567 million U.S. dollars, over the same period in 2010, 418 million increased significantly.


Japan's chip shortage caused by the earthquake affected the domestic surveillance industry

    In recent years, countries in the development of the video surveillance industry provides a good environment. First, the country to support video surveillance industry, issued a number of policy documents, to encourage the development of the industry as a priority.


Xuzhou Economic Development Zone, accelerate the development of energy-saving electrical equipment

    Along with the basic power facilities invest more this year, Wan Xi High-Tech Development Zone, Xuzhou, normally open electrical, Su variable power equipment manufacturers and other energy production and orders surge in sales momentum.


Xinhua Chemical automatic centrifuges meet the GMP norms

    Zhangjiagang City Xinhua Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly the production of chemical and pharmaceutical industry professional manufacturer of centrifuges, the company formerly state-run Xinhua Chemical Machinery Plant in Zhangjiagang City, business development since 1971 centrifuge development so far, has an annual "Miles "series of centrifuge production capacity of 5,000 sets, with three automatic centrifuge centrifuge and the most prominent. And in 1984 exported.

Electroplating industry named the fifth top ten awards ceremony was held successfully

    China's electroplating industry influence activities - "Innovation, development, responsibility, influence," 2011 Electroplating Industry Summit Forum of China "green industry and the industry value chain to enhance" and the Fifth China Top Ten Award electroplating industry awards ceremony on April 22 (Earth Day) was held at Beijing's Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.


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