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Electrical hand tools and wire processing automation tools market analysis

    Whether for commercial or industrial customers at home, as a general class of hand tools, hardware products are not unfamiliar. The current network, magazines and other media on the domestic application of common hand tools market situation and development trend has been more research and analysis, the overall market tends to open, mature and stable. However, for electrical hand tools and wire processing equipment, two types of automatic segmentation tool, the analysis on the open market are not many articles and media reports.


Emphasis on electrical safety will be nipped in the bud fire

   One day not long ago, the author of a town near the fire occurred, a resident of the two houses were destroyed in a fire, a hundred thousand dollars in direct economic losses.

    Later, after firefighters survey the scene, concluded that the residents free home with copper wire instead of fuses, wires in the home a short circuit caused the fire of aging. A similar home fires, often seen in the media.glue gun Throughout the fire, mostly because they do not required with the appropriate fuse and cause.


Google Apple into the world beyond the first move into the top ten brands

   Beijing time on May 9, according to foreign media reports, the market research firm Millward (MillwardBrown) today announced the latest BrandZ the world's most valuable brand hundred list. The results show that Apple has surpassed Google as the world's most valuable brand, the brand value of $ 153,000,000,000. Google had previously on the list for four consecutive years in the top of the list.


Lung Wei Shuai state visit to loose the courage to recognize and correct the face of Heibang

    It is reported that in 2010 Guangdong Quality Supervision Inspection Bureau of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and other cities 5 250 hood production of products, the results show that this batch of product sampling rate was only 55.6% of qualified, unqualified mainly air performance and noise limits, signs and instructions,glue gun creepage distance, clearance and solid electrical insulation. It is understood that handsome Bang Electric Appliance Factory production range hood CXW-168 is also impressively.


Guangzhou Baiyun District, a warehouse fire burns 5 hours emergencies

   Guangzhou Baiyun District, a warehouse fire yesterday at 5 pm unexpected, almost all the goods of the warehouse were destroyed. Canton Fire Brigade dispatched 11 sets of the second fire, which lasted 5 hours to extinguish the fire, but fortunately no casualties.


Hardware companies face a substantial increase in orders bald why worry?

   Bring metal products industry, maybe people will feel familiar, but as long as you entered the kitchen, bathroom, they immediately entered the world of hardware products, large whole cabinet, steam shower room, small taps, showers,glue gun knives, scissors, metal products in our daily life, the indispensable actor an important role in the industrial field, various types of malleable iron pipe fittings, hardware tools are also silently for the normal operation of large industrial systems play a role.


Hardware industry "Ten pioneer" named released

    Beijing April 14, 2011 hearing, "Iwill Bor Cup" 2010 China Top Ten Award Presentation Ceremony hardware industry event held today, activities, selected the top ten hardware industry pioneer and the top ten outstanding ten new brand network operators.


Japan 50 2011 UNIQLO brand ranking index of 88.6

    According to the Nikkei BPConsulting (2010) on December the implementation of the "BrandJapan2011" survey shows that people from the industry point of view in Japan the brand power of the results of the evaluation, Panasonic for the first time to obtain the list, the brand and the power of comprehensive index was 102.3, compared with 2009 2.8 years, 500 companies and brands as the only index of 100 corporate break, the Nikkei BP that the company will analyze the Panasonic, National and Panasonic brand strategy received effective as one of the rules.


Lighting industry will become the backbone of China

    According to industry estimates lighting industry in China's future market share will be at an annual rate of 20% -30% step forward development.

    At present, China has become the world's largest lighting producer and exporter of electrical appliances,glue gun lighting industry output, export 100 billion U.S. dollars, accounted for 18% of global market share. Lighting industry seems to have become the backbone of China's another major.


New energy: wind power beginning to achieve the weak nuclear "uneasy" forward

    Regardless of the various sub-sectors of new energy from the upstream and downstream, or from the industry chain is concerned, belong to entirely different, has its own characteristics the industry, so it needs to be broken down into solar, glue gun wind power, nuclear power three sub-sectors, and focus on selected business revenue to the new energy-based industry company and give up a lot just select the companies involved in new energy concepts.


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