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"The key element of energy," elements of the decision of 29 clean energy future

    Since the development of clean energy technologies, including lithium, rare earth, including 29 who suddenly became unknown element in short supply of resources. They are called "energy key element", is the manufacture of thin film solar panels, high efficiency wind turbines, advanced electric car motors, high capacity batteries and other hardware, the core material of clean energy. So how many of these elements will determine the future of clean energy. As rarely before large-scale use, people's reserves and distribution of these elements do not understand. It has been predicted that the shortage of supply of lithium, there was some panic.glue gun With the gradual proven reserves of lithium, panic gradually subsided. However, other 28 kinds of elements?


U.S. solar power market in 2010 grew by over 100%

    According to PennWell (PennWell) company in May 14, 2011, held in California, the new large-scale solar power generation conference and exhibition statistics report published in 2010, the U.S. solar market grew by more than 100%,glue gun facilities More than 28% have considered the large-scale 1MW. As of mid-May 2011, more than 700MW of photovoltaic projects signed the public system, with 11GW of concentrating thermal power (CSP) projects in various stages of development in North America.


Suntech Group / Cutler settled in the new energy world trade center

    May 17, the world's new energy (photovoltaic) Trading Center in Shanghai, announced that Suntech Group Cutler Automation System (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. settled in the center of the trade center settled smoothly, yet very much look forward to Yi long term and close interaction between the new energy, solar energy equipment to help Kuttler rapidly expanding high-end market share, achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation, (the two platforms is still Yee business: "virtual integration platform for the global photovoltaic products,glue gun " "Direct trading platform entity" is its two core platform business.


2011 China International Electronic Chemicals Exhibition

      ◎ Supervisor: PRC Ministry of Science
        ◎ Supported by: China Association for Science and Technology
        ◎ Sponsors: Chinese Optical Society

New energy strategy of China Automotive Technology Retreat

      In the core technology of new energy vehicles, the Chinese car company to what exactly is the status? Right now, insisted that China was still "leading" fewer and fewer people.

 From Hefei to Shanghai Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang, the trip closely with the new energy vehicles.


Electric 9 am: Power for the steel industry into a tight first goal of power rationing

     Abstract: The well-known in Japan after the nuclear crisis, China in March to approve a moratorium on new nuclear power projects, including the suspension of nuclear power projects under construction. By the National Nuclear Security Administration, the National Energy Board, the China Seismological Bureau and the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center, glue gun composed of units of the United States on civilian nuclear facilities to inspection team carried out inspections of nuclear safety. 【more】


Keithley rewrite the maximum and minimum range of a new record number of the source table

     For half a century, Keithley (Keithley) in advanced electrical test instruments measured the field engineers and scientists established a worldwide reputation. Keithley joined Tektronix in 2010 as the United States Danaher part of test and measurement business unit, Keithley also, as always, for the semiconductor, wireless,glue gun and nanotechnology applications to provide precise solutions? April 2011, Keithley introduced the 2600A series of new products, the source table 2651A High Power source table (SystemSourceMeter) instruments, and automatic production parameter test solution S530 parametric test system, once again demonstrated to the industry's most demanding companies in the Measurement of very weak science technical strength.


Quality Supervision Bureau of Hunan Province to help improve the standardization of equipment manufacturing enterprises

   April 26, office No. 209, Sany Heavy Industry Chamber. From Hunan Province Bureau of Quality Supervision, Mechanical standardization of provincial centers and provincial Institute of Standardization of 15 experts and researchers Sany together, the "container lifting cranes following" standard for final approval discussion. The reporters found that Sany last year under the GB/T1.1-2009 "container lifting cranes below" to modify and improve,glue gun rather than to a year, Sany Heavy Industry once again to their pressure, increased cooperation with international correspondence between the standard, an increase of the terms of international standards can be seen as a leader in machinery and equipment manufacturing industry the importance of standards.


China International Intelligent Network Equipment and Technology Exhibition Closes

    China International Intelligent Network Equipment and Technology Exhibition (referred SmartGridtec2011) 5 月 7 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (N5 Hall) successfully concluded. Three-day event (2011 May 5 to May 7), gathered more than 300 countries and regions from more than 10 exhibitors and more international pavilions, the scale of the exhibition industry in 2011 with the highest .


Talent development and popularization of low-weight constraints is the key to grasp the high-end

     Machine is equipped with the basic manufacturing products. China's machine tool industry, added value and low, especially self-developed high-end CNC machine tools are so barren, which is "Made in China" in the international division of labor in the past, the lower end of positioning related. In recent years, the accelerated pace of industrial upgrading in China, demand for high-end CNC machine tools, but the market was occupied mainly by imports, domestic high-end CNC machine tools development is still moving forward with difficulty. International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui in an interview that the operation of CNC machine tools in China each year 30 million people as much talent gap, which is constraining the development of CNC machine tools important bottleneck.glue gun There are signs that this field of high-end domestic and the lack of relevant technical personnel. The faster development of CNC machine tools market, talent shortage, bottlenecks more prominent. CNC machine tools on the domestic industry,glue stick it is difficult to get away like an embarrassing situation.


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