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An Kerui high electrical market successfully build brand reputation

   An Kerui Shanghai Electric Co., Ltd. is one of the few sets with independent innovation capability of low voltage electrical signal acquisition, measurement, monitoring, glue gun protection, and system integration as a whole, providing customers with intelligent power monitoring, energy management, electrical safety system solution capability of leading companies. An Kerui Shanghai SME brand building has been assessed for the Commission to promote the "brands", the Shanghai Federation of Industrial Economics is rated as "high-tech industry, equipment manufacturing and innovation brand" business; "glue stick Acrel Network Power Meter" products brand building by Shanghai SME Promotion Committee identified as "brand products."


The public sector up to foreign investment Electric Co., Ltd. announced progress

   The Company and its Board of Directors to ensure the information disclosed is true, accurate, complete, not false or misleading statements or material omissions.

     The public sector of Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") on April 15, 2011 with ABB (China) Co., Ltd. Shantou City in Guangdong Province, glue gun Shantou City on the establishment of broad Switchgear Co., Ltd. (now renamed as "surplus according to Shantou switch Co., Ltd. ", hereinafter referred to as the" JV ") signed a" glue stick public sector reached Electric Co., Ltd. and ABB (China) Co., Ltd. Shantou broad switch Limited joint venture contract "(hereinafter referred to as" joint venture contract ") . On April 15, 2011 Board of Directors held its second session of the second meeting examined and adopted the "joint venture contract", see the April 18, 2011 are disclosed in on the announcement.


Drastic increase in price is not good medicine

   Grandchildren to this year, the NDRC raised the price three times total, 12 provinces in April raised the electricity price in June to expand the scope of the sales price increase in 15 provinces in December the national average sales price per kilowatt-hour then up 0.03 yuan.


8 Beijing winter record grid load up 13.704 million kilowatts of history

   At 17:48 on December 8, the Beijing grid load hit a record high in winter, reaching 13.704 million kilowatts. National Grid Beijing's cadres and workers adhere to customer service, emergency repair line, to guarantee security and stability of the capital supply, at present, the Beijing power grid running smoothly,


Increase the price increase over a thousand billion thermal power

    Price increases as "emergency" type of solution can only be temporary solutions thirst, a temporary solution. Only the deep-seated power system is the root of the problem.


    Popular social issues of glue stick concern the huge loss of thermal power plants once again to the end of a paper prices the NDRC document finishing, thus solve the problem of coal top cow in the "second five" start in the first year has ended.


The first polymer photovoltaic Gangster: A total of anti-"dual" Face thoughts

  At 13:30 on November 29 around the sun, chairman of Suzhou Artes Qu Xiao Hua in Beijing Grand Hyatt hurried a bowl, then rushed to the basement of this hotel as a banquet hall. He will participate in two hours here at the "deal with the U.S. solar energy products' dual 'investigation' press conference. By then, glue gun the same stage with him will appear there Yingli Chairman Miao Lian-sheng, Suntech Chairman Shi Zhengrong, chairman of TRW where high discipline. This will be the global PV cell and module shipments before the founder of four companies in the photovoltaic industry in the first ten years together.


Running out of monitoring instruments and foreign manufacturers billion "pollution business."

  REVIEW: Many more cities to pilot monitoring "is still in research" as an excuse, not yet open to monitoring results, but the new air monitoring equipment needs and procurement is being spread and the relatively quiet environment monitoring instruments industry, now is the country to form a new "blue ocean."


Guizhou Changzheng Electrical: integrated resources to enhance the competitiveness

   Guizhou Changzheng Electric Co., Ltd. formerly known as the "Guizhou Changzheng Electric Co.," is by the Guizhou Provincial People's Government of Guizhou House letter (1997) No. 146 and the China Securities Regulatory Commission Securities Regulatory Commission [1997] No. 494 approved by the Guizhou Changzheng Electric Group Co., Ltd. as the sole sponsor into electrical equipment associated with the major assets, issue stock to the public glue stick and raise the establishment of the corporation.


Mianyang National Grid prices rose 2.71 points per execution

    6 to Mianyang Power Administration informed that the city's electricity price increase by Sichuan standards, sales of electricity price 2.71 per sub, but the price temporarily living adjustment.

     According to reports,glue gun the "market of coal" and "power plan" has been the focus of coal contradiction. This year has been running at a high price for many coal-fired power plants refer to "too much." To ease this year, due to conflicts caused by coal power shortages continued, the National Development and Reform Commission recently announced that from December 1 this year, the national average sales price per kilowatt-hour increase of about 3 cents. glue stick Residential electricity prices not changed. Future residential electricity price adjustment will pilot stepped tariff system, by the local government held after the hearing to determine the price.


US-China PV products will continue to investigate the implementation of dual

     U.S. International Trade Commission ruled last week that there are reasonable indications that, as the domestic component of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and the U.S. export price less than fair market price, and the Chinese government subsidies to the U.S. caused substantial damage to glue stick related industries.


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