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Hsieh Chang-jun: wind power electricity price in the second half up another three yuan

   Long Yuan Electric Power Executive Director and General Manager Hsieh Chang-jun, said the company has the first half of wind power electricity price increase of 7 yuan (below) to 572 yuan per megawatt-hour, expected in the second half will rise by $ 3, glue gun because the company put into operation wind turbines are mainly located in areas of high electricity prices, while the region's generating capacity will rise as the price of thermal power, in the first half has risen $ 9 material in the second half and then little room for upward adjustment.


Huadian Corporation and the U.S. joint venture of General Electric Company

    August 23, the company and the U.S. General Electric (GE) joint venture company for gas turbine aircraft modification contract-cum-signing ceremony in Shanghai joint venture in Shanghai. The agreement is to implement President Hu Jintao during his visit in January this year, glue gun the two sides signed a letter of intent substantive initiatives.


Benefit from new energy vehicles speed lithium Me 8 shares

   Editor's Note: It is reported that has entered the comment period of "national strategic development of new industries," second five "plan" will direct the development of the industry chain, industry standards and other aspects of fleet size and vigorously promote the development of new energy vehicles, a substantial increase pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicle production and sales. In the key components, the battery, motor, electronic control and other core technologies will make significant progress. Analysts pointed out that the support of the new energy policy is expected in 2015 demand for new energy vehicles will reach 977,000, an average annual growth rate of 216%. As the core of new energy vehicles glue stick power equipment, battery and motor market is big, eight listed companies, the most benefit.


Lead-acid battery industry to promote the integration of environmental protection storm

   A lead-acid battery of environmental crisis is sweeping the industry, continued under the policy, lead-acid battery industry is entering a consolidation phase, leading enterprises are expected to benefit from it. In addition, small and medium enterprises shut down by the impact of environmental standards, the industry is changing supply and demand, lead-acid battery prices have started to soar.


National Grid coordinate northwest wind farm will be the net transfer was held in Lanzhou

     August 16, 2011, by the Northwest Power Grid Company sponsored the national grid, Gansu Provincial Power Company, Gansu Electric Power Research Institute in association with low-voltage across the wind farm site testing coordination meeting in Lanzhou, Tianyuan Hot Spring Hotel up held.


"2011 China (Nanjing) Smart Grid Summit" Opening in September

  As a reliable, safe, economical, efficient and environmentally friendly power grid, smart grid technologies and industry more and more national attention. In 2010, the country from a strategic perspective, including smart grid will include a new energy industry as a strategic development of new industries and to stimulate and promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry.


Changes in market positioning wire and cable business was renamed Dow

    In the new business growth strategy, driven by Dow Wire & Cable business unit was renamed as Dow energy and information services department, with a view to the field of electricity and provide better information for wire and cable sheathing, insulating, glue stick semiconducting and special compounds and materials such as technical support.


China's industrial energy market in 2010 reached 70 billion yuan

    According to "five-second" planning requirements, combined with the central corporate energy consumption and pollutant emission levels, the consul-general and the central business energy saving goal is to "Twelve Five", the yuan output value of overall energy consumption at comparable prices decline 16%.


Suntech "donation door": Charity asked to donate time to complete

     A charity event, now turned into Suntech with the Copyright Society of China war of words between the Board of Education. Since 2008,glue stick four consecutive Suntech Contest sponsored by the Copyright Society of China, organized by the copyright society under the Education Development Education Research Centre (hereinafter referred to as: the education of education) the specific implementation. This year, glue gun Suntech suddenly "to" no longer responsible for the implementation of education for the education, trying to fully responsible for their own activities and activities of the donation. Currently, this Contest has ended, Suntech contributions of 15 million school facilities not in place, but received a donation from the Charity invoice.


Electric vehicles environmentally friendly pain: business owners nationwide to find out the battery

   Yu Guan Road in Tianjin, an electric street car sales, home in front of the store filled with all kinds of electric car, the clerk told us that this year the price of electric cars has gone up twice, first because the earth up bring the motors price prices,glue gun each price increase of electric cars around 50 yuan, and the second battery plant shutdown caused by battery price. Many stores say sales staff, then go up so that their business would not be able to do.


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