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Foxconn to build giant solar photovoltaic empire together

  Taiwan's richest man Terry Gou, Zhu Gong Shan Wang Asian silicon, the father of China's PV industry Huai-Jin, a rare intersection of the three original leaders of the industry, or the name to go with solar.

Number of informed sources confirmed last month, 18, Terry Gou, Huai-Jin Zhu Gong Shan, and three had all work together to build the PV industry chain to discuss the issue many times, and when the audience at the beginning of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Secretary Luo Zhijun. According to the plan,glue stick the "trio will create a 10 million tons of polysilicon, 10 million kilowatts of photovoltaic solar cells and modules empire.


New energy supply and demand imbalance caused by excess capacity optimization technology is the key

   New energy industry as a sunrise industry, more and more enterprises to focus all energy into new development, this dedication to investment in Redu let the industry develop in the absence of an official before the emergence of excess capacity worries. AMD battery that take the fine line technology, technology as the primary means of business development is to avoid excess capacity is one effective way.


SERC ban: illegal immigrant-owned small power grid may not

  "SERC did not issue the ban before the captive power plant always made a lot of electricity, the excess will sell now to prevent the grid, will not sell, and this is very beneficial for energy conservation." Yesterday (September 1), an industry, "Daily News" reporter said.


CRM as a new energy photovoltaic industry knocking the door of information

Recently, the media was informed from the authorities, "renewable energy development" five "plan" has been submitted to the State, is expected to release recently. "Plan" China's solar power generation are: 2015, domestic PV capacity will reach 10 million kilowatts target by 2020, targets to reach at least 50 million kilowatts.


China's wire and cable market, the lack of international competitiveness into the cable industry standard short board

   China is the world's largest producer of wire and cable, wire and cable industry in rapid growth, showing a lot of impact on the development of deep-seated problems, transformation and upgrading of the industry is imperative.

    China's wire and cable industry apparent lack of international competitiveness, reason, standard wire and cable industry short board.


German electricity market is facing changes in the four energy giants Gone

   According to Germany's "World News" reported on August 30: 2011, four German energy giants RWE, E.on, EnBW and Vattenfall in the electricity market share may drop to below 50%. RWE market leader within the data show that long dominated the market of the four market-dominant Gone. glue gun data in the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management (BDEW) the intention has been confirmed.


Magna with Ontario launched a six-year cooperation project for electric cars

     According to Reuters, Magna International Inc. will jointly invest in Ontario with 432 million Canadian dollars (4.41 billion U.S. dollars), launched a six-year cooperation project of electric vehicles.

    glue stick According to official sources, the fund, the Ontario invested $ 48.4 million Canadian dollars, the fund is mainly used for development of electric cars, electric car parts, components and lightweight materials and alternative energy.


Or the introduction of Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car spy photos

      Mitsubishi new generation of compact i-MiEV electric car was released in June 2009, then there are rumors that the future will be the introduction of domestic car sales. And after a lapse of two years, new cars in the domestic spy network in the first exposure, indicating that its market is approaching.


JianZhiRen for nuclear power with accusations approval renewable energy method is to resign conditions

JianZhiRen on June 4, 2010 was elected Japan became prime minister in 94, less than two years, according to the Japanese media say will be in 26, officially announced the resignation later. Japan 5 years time continuous five successive prime minister to resign, Japan regime change fast, make the world is too many things to see.


People in 2011 of the top enterprises in zhejiang province electric front row

A few days ago, zhejiang province enterprise association released 2011 of the top enterprises in zhejiang province, and manufacturing of the top enterprises in the people's list, glue gun electric group with 24.8 billion yuan in 2011 total output value of the top enterprises in zhejiang province, and a top 25 manufacturing 16.


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