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Polysilicon production costs continued downturn in the market upside down

  Who have been favorable for the polysilicon industry, today ushered in the winter. Polysilicon market downturn, resulting in continued decline in the upper reaches of the metal silicon powder, silicon metal chain reaction to the demand continues to slump block. December 2, Leshan Electric Power announced that the polysilicon production costs upside down, will stop the implementation of technological transformation.


Yu Hao-end measurement of micro-chip smart meter to fill the gaps

     Optical Valley announce a business: independent research and development of a successful trial and mass production of chips. So far, China's high-end smart meter measurement chip to break the monopoly of foreign official, to fill the gaps.


PV companies: domestic policy is not to force foreign "is full of gold."

  As the PV market structure, unreasonable, excessive reliance on foreign markets, resulting in hundreds of Chinese PV companies eighty-nine Chengdu rely on the international market, especially in Europe. In the past few years, many PV industry business executives, the mention of Germany, Spain and other countries of the policy subsidies, their eyes shine, very excited, that "everywhere there is a gold mine." But asked to open up the domestic market, they are accustomed to passing the buck to the government, "policy is not to force the grid imperfections, subsidies are not sufficient, the market certainly can not be opened." It seems a bit radical, years, or whether it is a lot of small and medium industry leader, glue stick their own in-depth study of solar products in China's major cities and rural areas how to promote large-scale applications are inadequate. Even the most well-known photovoltaic glass curtain wall, talked about for so many years, in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities, how to use almost no new buildings and building alterations to go. Just think, to dream you a hot gold to Europe, and the slightest regard for the foreign market volatility risk, do not devote themselves to develop the domestic market, "one leg, there is always a big fallen down."


Lead-acid battery industry through chaos can shut down the pain changed

   November 30, published on the website of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, "lead-acid battery production, assembly and recycling (secondary lead) list of companies" ("the list"). "List" shows that 779 companies registered in over 649 companies shut down, shutting down more than 80%. Lead-acid battery industry is experiencing shutting down "labor pains", "labor pains" glue gun after the development of lead-acid industry can usher in the spring caused the industry hot.


Radio Electric: AEG power distribution and control obtained a large single

    Hefei, Gateway Shopping Plaza by the focus on high-end commercial real estate investment in Hong Kong Hang Lung Group, to the Chief District in Hefei Shushan and the core business district, is "the new business district southwest of the provincial capital," the heart, glue stick with a total construction area of ??245,000 square meters, one business area of ??up to 17 million square meters. Set of large-scale shopping centers, Grade A office towers,glue gun luxury homes in one city center to become the provincial capital city of south-west a beautiful landscape.


Schneider Electric to enter the intelligence services

   Schneider Electric recently announced that it will work on  Information Technology Co., Ltd. Schneider Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. was established. glue gun The joint venture project located in the smart systems integration services company, is committed to providing our customers with the industry and intelligent energy saving control of the overall solution.glue stick Schneider Electric in a joint venture company's technical support, personnel training, resource allocation and other aspects of positive and ensure that the new company to be an excellent business enterprises, so this partnership as mutually beneficial and successful experience. Schneider Electric China, said Zhu Hai, president, Schneider Electric will better meet the needs of customers in different industries, with the most comprehensive intelligent building management and security solutions to leading the green building industry in the future.


Power and energy saving technology of optimal allocation of resources

   Technical description of the project in accordance with national energy policies, combined with the actual situation in Henan Province, through the "differential power plan" mechanism, electricity trading theory, small thermal power out of the market compensation mechanisms, inter-provincial electricity trade and other cross-outgoing-depth study proposed power energy saving and resource optimization technology, which through the "power difference scheme", shutting down small thermal power generating capacity indicators compensation deal, "a large generation of small" power trading, inter-provincial cross outside the transmission transactions, four strokes "combined"glue stick in Henan implemented to improve the high-efficiency, high capacity, environmentally friendly energy generator market share, so that high energy consumption, high pollution of small thermal power units in the corresponding market compensation mechanism, smooth out the history of stage, to promote the restructuring of the power to achieve energy saving and emission reduction and corporate social harmony and win-win economic benefits, not only played a program-control and market mechanisms in resource optimization to the basic role, but also to achieve energy reduction row of the target. The project is an innovative but also widely used in both theoretical research results.


Concentrating photovoltaic power generation into the low-cost era

   Concentrating the world's largest solar photovoltaic power generation equipment manufacturing industry project in late September in the southwest Sichuan Shuangliu County Airport industrial base foundation-stone laying. By Sichuan Hanlong Group established in the Chinese Solar Power Company to build a total investment of 7.6 billion yuan for this project is expected to be completed within 2 years after the completion of the scale of production will reach 200 million kilowatts, is put into annual output will reach 20 billion yuan.


Energy conservation as an important support in the profitability of aluminum

  Profitability of the top ten of the central enterprises in the international financial crisis become a big loss, two years after the successful turnaround

    Al, why can quickly out of the crisis

    Recently, Italy and Spain sovereign credit rating was lowered, the problem grows more developed countries, government debt, collective end of September, commodity prices dive. The world economy "double dip" the risk of a sudden in 2008 the international financial crisis struck in the memory as yesterday.


U.S. Energy R & D strategy will focus on the development of electric vehicles

   Recently, the U.S. Department of Energy announced the establishment of the agency since the first "four-year technical assessment report." Report describes the U.S. long-term energy technology R & D strategy that future R & D funding is no longer "eyebrows and a beard grabbed" grid modernization of electric cars and will give priority to receive funding, the current hot clean electricity and bio-energy will be relegated to second place.


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