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The future development of domestic high-voltage inverter market forecast

     "" Second five "comprehensive energy conservation program of work" proposed, insisted to reduce energy consumption intensity, the reasonable control of energy consumption, promoting technological progress combine to significantly improve energy efficiency. Started energy conservation work, in the relevant state policies to stimulate the drive, energy-saving motors and a number of energy-related industrial enterprises will be theglue gun beneficiaries. China's motor was more than 2 trillion kwh of electricity consumption, accounting for about 60% of electricity consumption, but energy efficient motors market share of less than 3% of the overall electrical system efficiency of about 20% lower than in developed countries. If the annual number of new motor and drive system are the use of energy efficient products, motor system optimization design, the annual saving of thousands of kilowatt hours,glue stick saving nearly 100 million tons of carbon dioxide, can effectively promote the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry.


The examination and approval threshold wind power industry gradually improve the healthy development track

Countries to wind power project examination and approval threshold wind power industry tightening coming into the healthy development track

Recently, the release of the report couplet additionally "2011 years in October 1-power industry in the brief analysis", said the first 10 months of this year, domestic investment in wind power 14% year-on-year drop,glue gun wind power grid installed capacity year-on-year growth of 60.9%, wind power industry is gradually into the healthy development track.


Lithium iron phosphate electric car market prospect battery performance advantage

Recently, general motors announced that they will use the A123SystemsInc company provides the basis of phosphoric acid lithium ion battery, to replace the existing cell types. General motors said the lithium iron phosphate battery than it is now used by landa's battery more security, more durable. But so far, glue stick this type of battery has not started mass production, expected to reach 2013 years to reach the requirement of mass ZhuanPei. In fact, for lithium iron phosphate in battery electric vehicle, the application of domestic users is not new. From 2010 domestic first car sales for individuals of new energy vehicles byd double model electric car F3DM, as China's first to pure electric taxi byd e6, and in January has put into trial operation of passenger byd pure electric bus K9, glue gun using phosphoric acid of lithium iron batteries. By this year, in November, byd pure electric taxi already accumulative total e6 trip mileage 8 million kilometers, the longest trip mileage 170000 km bike, equal to six years of ordinary car trip mileage, validate the phosphoric acid lithium ion battery durability and stability.


The nimh batteries enterprise face further the pressure of transition

China's chemical and physical power supply industry association secretary-general LiuYanLong 21 told reporters that expect 2012 domestic nimh batteries will be confined industry, such as raw material prices remain at present price, perhaps industry will have a small increase, if raw material prices climbed again, product substitution pressure will increase, the nimh batteries enterprise face further the pressure of transition.


Solar pv industry competitive advantage to highlight

Power giant delta in guishan addition of new plants and industrial research and development center, the future will continue working with electric car research and development power IA, to the end of 2011, delta deputy chairman and executive changhai handsome said, LED lighting market is still in the initial stage, potential;glue stick Face for foxconn solar photovoltaic cause, the sea is considered handsome can highlight more competitive advantage.


Photovoltaic first province jiangsu "pv-tech application" also shall first

The middle to late November, jiangsu province, the federation for the pv industry further investigation. "If the photovoltaic industry market always in the outside, industry development will inevitably are underlings." Many of the province photovoltaic enterprise chorus called for, jiangsu province as photovoltaic industry, "the pv-tech application" and when walking in the front in the whole country.


Siyuan electrical uhv series capacitor is in operation

Siyuan electrical announcement today, recently, the national power grid companies invest in the construction of 1000 kV southeast shanxi (will)-nanyang-jingmen uhv communication experiment demonstration project successfully in the operation of the electric expansion project, including siyuan electrical subordinate subsidiary ses Shanghai electric power capacitor Co., LTD. For this project to provide for substation series compensation device of changzhi capacitor devices (contract amount to total 30.45 million yuan). This marks the products of the company have entered the 1000 kV voltage level. glue gun The company product operation is good. The project of the company in 2011 revenue recognition performance has positive effects.


MaZhongChao: electric car sales next year will high volatility

Electric car industry this year sales volume have increased slowly and will next year high volatility. In 2011 the development of electric vehicle industry it is magnificent. Influence the development of the industry event in the schedule has been spread to end the old. Motor magnets circle of the early rising, the reorganization of the battery industry, then to the articles 4 ministries, industry seems to be always by premature. With the development of the industry fronts,glue stick many people seem to development is not good this year, let alone next year the trend of the industry. But, the author of the recently played a enterprise meeting, from China bicycle industry association of the horse place that, the development of the industry this year exceeded all expectations, and the momentum of development of next year, will be the foundation of this year appear again ascension.


Energy conservation and environmental protection good efficient power equipment

Recently A share market remain low. Brokers think that today's energy conservation and environmental protection concept for the from all walks of life more and more attention and related policy is expected to give related sectors bring materiality benefit. Especially in generating electricity in related fields, with the recent get many policy support, investors can proper attention.


An electric vehicle charging standard 25 "mature a out a"

[abstract] "electric car filling in the standard electricity facilities is expected next year will have come on stage, mature a out a, and finally form a set of standard system."

"Electric car filling in the standard electricity facilities is expected next year will have come on stage, mature a out a, and finally form a set of standard system."


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