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The national electric power construction industry statistics work held in Beijing

CLP JianXie in the December 13, 2011, at a conference in Beijing, the national electric power construction industry statistics work, China electric power construction group company, China's energy and construction corporation, China anneng construction corporation, water conservancy and hydropower and thermal power, glue gun power delivery, supervision, commissioning and other enterprise 260 people attended the meeting.


PV inverter market experience "winter" test

    IHSiSuppli's China research department of special reports that the Chinese government to promote clean energy policy support, and there is strong potential to stimulate manufacturers to invest in financial income, China's PV inverter market will grow nearly three times within four years. China Inverter shipments rose from the end of 2011 to 1.4GW in 2015 5.0GW, compound annual growth rate of 31%. Growth was particularly strong in 2011,glue gun more than 117% growth last year, 657MW. Next year the market will be significantly increased 85% to 2.6GW, after the growth will become moderate.


Amorphous alloy transformer technology trends

  ① amorphous alloy and its structural relationship between the atomic arrangement has not yet been fully understood, when the study further to understand, it can produce more excellent magnetic properties of amorphous alloys.

    Since Pu Laina casting ② Since the development has received strong practical amorphous alloy strip. As manufacturing technology improved. Bandwidth will be more and more wide, surface quality will be improved, so that it can obtain a higher fill factor and lower cost of the product. The production glue stick of amorphous alloy films only one process (the rapid cooling of molten metal directly into the strip), so the cost of production of amorphous alloy films may have less than silicon steel.


Transformer manufacturers Analysis of survival and development of the theme

    Along with the increasing level of voltage, power transmission equipment, auxiliary equipment for power generation scale is increasing. Thus contributing to national economic development area of ??power transformers, distribution transformers, voltage regulators and other power transmission equipment, glue gun industrial demand increased significantly. The transformers, voltage regulators and other power transmission equipment manufacturing Air and prosperity. Meanwhile, the birth of a number of transformer manufacturing SMEs.


Analysis of the domestic distribution transformer short-circuit test development background

    Over the past decade, China has done a lot of power distribution transformer short-circuit tests, and for each damage case, improvements are made??, glue stick so that the pass rate of 90%, 50% pass rate than abroad is much higher, which in the actual operation of the grid has been confirmed, and achieved gratifying results. It can be said of distribution transformers against short-circuit strength of the basic solution by the "real test", which is a very important experience.


Seven former executives of Siemens Electric $ 100 million was charged with bribery

   U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 13 announced that Siemens has sued seven former executives, accusing them in office to receive a total of over $ 1 billion of the total contract bribe government officials to Argentina $ 100 million.


Charm Salon: find the value of clean health for more people

  "Clean" is on today's society, people, still is both familiar and unfamiliar. Familiar with it, because it is with our "clothing, food, shelter," are closely related; it strange, because more people just from the simple sense it is equivalent to low-end labor force behavior. Then the real clean, in the end how to define, it has a kind of social value?


Ministry of Industry to promote demand side management industry

    Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will co-ordinate industry, industry and product structure, the main industrial sectors, industries and products in accordance with unit power consumption to create added value to classify, sort, and with the relevant departments to strengthen coordination in the overall framework of the preparation of various provinces, industry to implement demand side management advice. December 1,glue stick the Ministry of runs in the Monitoring and Coordination Bureau Xiao Chunquan industry forum on Demand Side Management to disclose the above information.


Terminals in China to win the war industry brand

    With the global economy back on track and terminals in the China is the most potential market, to the second half of 2011 through the global data show that China has reached the terminal market sales of 30.155 billion yuan, industrial structure adjustment terminal is the major terminals stand in the international terminal business for a long time the primary market conditions, whether the international enter China or Chinese companies exporting or international trade Ye Hao, China has the world's most promising terminal markets.


Investment to improve safety standards for nuclear power industry, slowing

    In fact, in Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, Xie Zhenhua, deputy director of National Development and Reform Commission had position, despite the national nuclear power development plans had been some impact, but the determination of China's development of nuclear power will not change.


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