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"Twelve Five" special high-pressure building - half a trillion Imagination

    Downstream electrical equipment industry, involving power generation, transmission and distribution and electricity, including electricity, power, metallurgical and coal industries, and industrial production and living are closely related. Because of its special status, the state of the downstream power, power and other industries highly regulated,glue stick and introduced a series of policy and regulatory constraints of business behavior.


Winter Droughts three home fire precautions

    Cold and dry winter weather, is the year's most fire-prone season, home fire safety issues have been a lot of people's attention. Here I will introduce the family of three fire precautions, want to make your home more safe.

    First, the home fire safety of electrical equipment:


Data Center Energy: Using AC or DC?


    [REVIEW] With the economic factors to enterprises exert pressure to reduce costs and public and government regulators require more environmentally friendly practices, these factors are increasingly motivated to find data center operators run a more effective method of its facilities.


HP's five new members of the Board of four directors of change left

    Beijing January 21, according to foreign media reports, Hewlett-Packard on Thursday announced the Board of Directors has appointed five new members, the appointment from 21 January effect. This makes the HP board of directors temporarily reached 17. But in March the Annual General HP, the number of directors will be reduced to 13.


Ministry of Public Security to Mo event requires security to enhance the level of the spring

     The evening of January 24, Moscow, Russia Domodedovo Airport after the terrorist attacks of explosion, State Councilor and Minister of Public Security Meng Jianzhu request further implement strict security measures to ensure the safety and the Spring Festival Spring Festival security. 25 morning, the Ministry of Public Security held an emergency video conference,glue stick to further close the safety precautions, really good job in security work during Spring Festival and Chinese New Year re-deployment, re-implemented.


11th Electric Fun Festival moved into the still warm and exhibitors

    The 11th China Culture Festival Organizing Committee announced the electrical, the exhibition will be held Feb. 9 at the Music Exhibition Road into the town square at dawn, a period of three days. Exhibition area of more than 3 million square meters, about 1,500 standard booths, 500 exhibitors, of which more than 20 international brands, glue stick more than 80 foreign enterprises.


China's military enterprises in the wind power industry in the Development and Analysis

    First, China's wind power industry development trend.

    Energy mix, climate change and solve energy security is one important measure, "Renewable Energy Law", "long-term renewable energy development planning," "to promote the implementation of wind power industry views" and a series of important policy The introduction of the wind power industry,glue stick the strong support given to the development of wind power equipment manufacturing capacity has increased significantly, the domestic wind power industry has gradually got onto the fast lane.


Design and Intelligent Building Cabling problems

    Abstract: The structured cabling two advantages, combined with the actual building all weak system, with the development and instability only telephone system and computer network systems.
    As for the other weak systems, such as automatic fire alarm system, security surveillance systems, broadcast systems,glue stick cable television systems, equipment, with high fixed root, and the general location will not move, with a fixed structure for these systems The equipment is chosen, the possibility and necessity of frequent replacement are low.

More solar heat pump heating system can complement each other to lead the trend of low-carbon

    Currently, the development of low-carbon economy in the whole society to actively implement energy reduction measures, has become China's economic and social development of the overall goal, more solar heat pump heating system can complement each other as a traditional home air conditioning, solar, gas water heater manufacturing industry products The integrated product, in terms of energy saving has outstanding performance, glue stick the market is vast.

Temperature investment in the lighting industry continuously into external resources

    Lighting industry has become a hot land for investment, it attracts a steady flow of external resources into, the reality of the industry earnings and prospects have a strong appeal.

    The first decade of the 21st century, from 2000 TCL Group, TCL Lighting Electrical Appliance Company was founded in 2010 established the United States and the United States and the acquisition of Jiangxi Electric lighting of your elegant, this decade is precisely Lighting industry booming years,glue stick this development is not just reflected in the lighting industry of endogenous growth, more prominent is the influx of external forces, during which abundance of well-known venture capital companies and some of the entry, making the industry continues to inject new resources been the development of unconventional. This is rare in other industries, on the contrary, many mature industries not only failed to enter the external forces that are gradually withdrawing from existing resources.


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