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Organic plastic make solar cell conversion rate of 44%

The United States of the university of Texas at Austin, the researchers said, according to the solar energy conversion mechanism of the new research, the use of a organic plastic semiconductor material,glue gun can make the efficiency of traditional solar cells increased significantly, from 31% up to 44%. Related research report is published in the December 16, 2011 issue of the journal science.


The solar-thermal industry foreground and setbacks. Amen

According to public data showed that in 2011, the industrial production of solar thermal vacuum tubes 8 million cigarettes, the solar energy water heater of vacuum tubes and flat 57.6 million square meters, a 17.6% increase over 2010, total quantities for 193.6 million square meters, the growth rate of 15.2%. The rate of growth of 30% compared with previous years, 2011 years has become the solar-thermal make use of the industry history of the slowest growth a year.


Datang new energy three a roof photovoltaic project grid

China datang new energy GuFen Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the datang new energy) in jiangsu investment of the construction of the big three roof photovoltaic project recently completed grid, the three projects for the industrial park bathed ShuYang respectively 8.9 MW roof photovoltaic project, SiHong high-tech industrial park 2.9 MW roof photovoltaic project and SiHong jianghuai wholesale market 1.5 MW roof photovoltaic project. The three projects will be provided in jiangsu province of RMB 2.4 per kilowatt hour the power subsidies.


ShiYuanChun: biomass energy is still being marginalized

"China's wind power and solar power" great leap forward "type, that worries me." Held by the Chinese academy of sciences in the "1025" graduate student youth development series activity environment protection and the special green industry, member of the senate ShiYuanChun of renewable energy "1025" the plan released their own opinions.


Optical fiber net 1025 growth in planning

Face the audience for Internet speeds and clinic and the strong appeal, the ministry of industry and information policy will point to where?

Work MiaoWei first minister letter admitted that,glue stick over the past five years, we in the Internet, broadband construction even though there is a great progress, but compared with the average level of the international, still have a large gap, and the past five years in the world we list and decline. At present, China's Internet bandwidth row in the 71th, along with three nets fusion development, some new business, new formats are appearing in the masses of users for the Internet faster and not satisfied with the Internet,glue gun so broadband speed will work as the key work of the letter next year.


Sixty percent cable enterprise look flat is copper prices

The recent trend of copper prices? Shanghai non-ferrous nets (SMM) recently on domestic 21 home electric wire electric cable enterprise survey results show that 60% of the cable enterprise look flat glue gun copper market outlook, 15% of the copper price is put, another 25% of enterprises that are difficult to judge.


2012 the global solar photovoltaic market still at dormant period

The industry judgment, the global solar energy market in 2012 is still at the dormant period. The spot price makes most of the major manufacturers low sit through with his teeth, and developed economies policy to not give market to the foreseeable great, boosted the effect of the policy of emerging economies must still be time appeared. Thus, the market is still in the early stages of renewed dormant.


Lack of electricity power plant losses accumulated soft or hard the evolution of the lack of electricity

"Hard lack of electricity" heavy to worry

The loss of the power plant under accumulation effect, in 2011 the power consumption growth ten times as much as in the power generation units investment growth, from this down, starts leads to "soft lack of electricity" will be installed leads to the evolution of the "hard lack of electricity"


Multinational transmission project investment between China and Russia back-to-back test run

Reporters from the national grid heilongjiang Harbin ultrahigh pressure companies know that China's first multinational dc networking engineering 500 kv dc converter back-to-back networking between China and Russia heihe project, recently successfully complete system commissioning work, on 1 January into trial operation.glue stick The project begin formally put into production, the Russian far east to heilongjiang electric transmission grid power grid will, about 4.3 billion kilowatt-hours in power supply.


2012 actually look forward to nuclear power for examination and approval

Looking forward to nuclear power actually for examination and approval

Expect 2012 power grid investment will reach even more than 2009 peak, power transmission and transformation equipment of ultra-high voltage, with a focus on the electric and intelligent secondary glue gun equipment. A high pressure equipment manufacturers of recent centralized bid price volume benefit JiSheng, and raw material prices low, is expected to profit in the first half of 2012 will pick up. Low voltage electrical in in 2012 or will maintain the boom of, pay attention to the cross area to expansion and into the core components manufacturing equipment business and industrial electrical distribution leading. Two main protection and control in the equipment of equipment manufacturers,glue stick intelligent substation equipment tendering scale has been enlarged. In addition, the national development and reform commission limit the coal prices the power directly improve the electric power enterprise profit, indirect positive power investment. Diversified management of the three major power group growth performance and valuations are safety guarantee, looking forward to nuclear power for examination and approval after repair actually valuations.


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