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The main function of polymer coatings and application of

    The polymer-based coatings. Coating to the surface coating is, and can form a tough protective film material, collectively, the majority of viscous liquid, vegetable oil-based system for early as it is known as paint.
    Modern painting is beyond the scope of the species, mainly in natural or synthetic polymer materials have, collectively referred to as polymer coating.


Inorganic pigments brought to the front of environmental protection

    A few years ago shocked the world of the Mattel toy recalls, it is because of lead paint found in toys, in violation of relevant foreign laws and regulations.
    Recently, glue stick excessive blood lead, lead contamination and other frequently published in the paper side, especially in the beginning of this year 228 children in Anhui was detected after the blood lead poisoning cases, heavy metals once again touched the public nerve, causing the industry to environmental protection pigments and application of concern.


Specialty printing market will be continued growth in emerging

    According to the latest survey of international commitments to send report: in India, China, Russia, Brazil, Turkey and Poland and other emerging markets, led by specialty in the next 5 years to maintain rapid growth. Among them, the fastest growth in India in 2010 to 2015 the average annual compound growth rate up to 5.5%.


Hu Jintao will meet in the United States and other leaders of DuPont Dow

    According to reports, 18 local time, President Hu Jintao attended the evening just to meet him by the Obama family dining room in the White House private dinner held and is scheduled the afternoon of 19 met with Obama in the White House, Dow, DuPont GE CEO of 14 U.S. companies and four executives in China.


Hanzhengjie repeated calls for strict implementation of the fire control system

   At 23:19 on January 17, Wuhan City Wusheng Wang Hong Industrial Co. garment factory fire, burned area of 900 square meters, 18 at 1 pm, the fire was extinguished. As at 18:00 on the 18th, the fire death toll to 14.

    Fire location is actually Hanzhengjie, the first reports are "Wuhan Hanzhengjie fire" words. Do not know "Hanzhengjie fire" too sensitive markets Hanzhengjie years together by the fire together,glue stick each loss of life, often become the most pain in Wuhan, so that local media can not bear to mention "Hanzhengjie" in the name?


Looking diversity management Eaton second, more brilliant century

    Cuiqu years experience in diversified power management Eaton Looking more brilliant the second century.

    1911, founded in Cleveland Eaton (Eaton) companies, this year year marks the 100th anniversary! To celebrate our success together overcome the global financial tsunami, significant sales growth in 2010, and in recognition of outstanding dealers on behalf of the company's Electrical Group North Asia Distributor Conference in 2011 moved to Taipei,glue stick from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, the two hundred representatives of Eaton outstanding dealers gathered at the January 17-18 at Taipei Grand Hotel, Eaton to develop together for the second 100 years, more brilliant ideas; Eaton also announced a strengthening of investment in China, and this year will notice a number of UPS uninterruptible power system introduced new products.


Digital TV: LCD display industry, the rise of a strong

    TFT-LCD flat panel display is still the mainstream of future technology.

    According to Display search predicted that the global FPD industry output in 2015 will reach 148 billion U.S. dollars,glue stick shipping area will account for 98% of all display devices, including TFT-LCD panel production value will reach 133.7 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 91% of the FPD industry. Currently, the world is the expansion or the preparation of the flat panel display production line is mainly concentrated in the high-generation TFT-LCD and AMOLED production line, its production line depreciation period were more than 10 years, but OLED production line compared to the scale is rather small, glue gun which determines the next 10 in TFT-LCD flat panel display is still dominated by 2020 will remain the mainstream of TFT-LCD display technology.


40 million tons of calcium carbide project in Inner Mongolia Yili acceptance tested

    Recently, the Inner Mongolia Inspection and Testing of the petrochemical industry,glue stick and eight engineering quality supervision and inspection teams of experts went to Inner Mongolia Yili Energy Co Dalate annual output of 400,000 tons of calcium carbide branch hand over the project before the special acceptance inspection.


Failure of the 2010 terminal network operators the industry's proud story

    Ze from the strict sense, the bridge is not a network provider, I'm just in the electrical industry, a 16-year terminal technology!

    This, too, I want to describe the failure of one of the reasons it!


Huang Xiuhong by the States United States Physical appearance duty of Vocational Manager

    More than 200 reporters, more than 100 staff escort, a number of well-known sports brand sites, CCTV host Oprah ... ... This is the States United States Sports Strategy conference battle, also the sister of Huang Xiuhong Huang Holding Investment Group to the country president of the United States as the United States in glue stick the country first public appearance.


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