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Our country electric tools products in the international market main advantage

Our country electric tool exports have accounted for the world power tools of sales 70 to 80%, has become one of the main electric tools manufacturing countries and products exporter. At present our country in the international market is the upper hand:


2012 China international coil, transformers, motors and electrical manufacture exhibition

Reason 1 (background) :
The market in Shanghai as the center of the background of Yangtze river delta region has been walking in the forefront of development of China's economy and rapid economic development, industrial economy has remarkable development prospects, in recent years the region automobiles, home appliances, electric, electric power,glue gun...

Electric instrument industry is one of the highest GuoChanLv industry

Electric instrument is electromagnetic measurement and control technology as the foundation, the modern electronic technology, modern information processing technology as the method, combining modern measurement and control technology of the basic nature, universality, the all kinds of static and dynamic, directly or indirectly electromagnetic parameters of measurement and control instruments and system as the main body of a GongChengXing discipline, instrument science and technology is an important branch of the subject, and formed the electric instrument industry.


Germany ambitious spending heavily to renewable energy superpower

Since the second world war Allies to overthrow, Germany--this one of Europe's largest economy began to large-scale energy market recovery work.

German chancellor Angela merkel is planning to build offshore wind farm, the area about six New York city so big, the power plant to power lines built from London extends to Baghdad. The German economy research institute, said the project will cost 200 billion euros ($), accounting for one third of the annual gross domestic product.


Different strategy: who will be the country's electrical NO. 1 brand

Long triangle brand, China electric brand, who will be the country's electrical NO. 1 brand?
May be NO. 1 seed enterprise in where?
A, do not underestimate--change especially electrician
In 2006, change especially electrician ranking "China electrical industry 100 strong" third, output value reached 44. 8.7562 trillion.


China instrument gas: electrical equipment business is growing rapidly fan order enough

Electric power equipment business growth and become the company's "cash cow" : the company in the first half of 2007 overcome the raw material such as copper, stainless steel prices rising costs of pressure, electrical equipment business has maintained a rapid growth. According to our company in q1 2007, the understanding of the main business data and electric equipment, fan industry of 2 quarter industry statistical data analysis, expect the company holding complete sets of equipment and electric power equipment company 1-2007 in May sales revenue will exceed 160 million yuan, an increase of more than 40%. HuaYi technology company sales income is 2007 years 1-5 months will be more than 130 million yuan, an increase of more than 100%. According to the company the downstream customer for more than the power, power company, and in the end of the previous year signed most future annual electrical equipment product order, so the second half a year to electrical equipment business growth often good in the first half of the year. We had expected 2007 annual company set of equipment and electric power equipment sales income 3.5-400 million yuan,glue gun...

Industrial production in the importance of electrical automation

IWith the progress of The Times, the world began to enter the new technology revolution era. In the process of using information. First to solve is to get accurate information, modern industrial production process. With all kinds of automation equipment to monitor and control of the production process, make each equipment can work in process on a best, produce the best products. Therefore, no electrical automation development, modern production will lose foundation.glue gun...

International flexible packaging industry development trend and the outlook

With the extension and expansion use aluminum, aluminum processing products has a broad market prospect. Plus the domestic existing ripe technology, the production of aluminum and aluminum products deep processing investment risk more small. Aluminum strip is light industry, transportation, telecommunications, and the important material printing etc,glue gun...

Diversity class upgrading our hardware locks are expected to better development

Decorate adornment hardware covers a wide range of, mainly including furniture hardware, locks hardware, doors, Windows, hardware, plumbing hardware, sanitary hardware, lighting hardware, kitchen hardware, manual, electric tools hardware, electrical accessories hardware, etc. Series.


China's manufacturing electric tools by three advantages of the world the first sales

Our country electric tool exports have accounted for the world power tools of sales 70 to 80%, has become one of the main electric tools manufacturing countries and products exporter. According to the author understanding, this is mainly thanks to our country national condition of good, on the whole, our electric construction has the following three advantages:


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